Saturday, October 27, 2018

Saturday Lunch and a Walk

Tom and I joined his sister Jan and two of their cousins, Karen and April, for lunch/brunch at Endolyne Joe's in West Seattle. Located just above the Fauntleroy ferry terminal, this restaurant is named for a long ago conductor on the old trolly line #2, near the end of the line. 
 For us it was sort of the same. Karen and Jan came by ferry. April  and we came from the south. We ate yummy food and had a good visit.

This was the scene underfoot as we walked back to the car.
 Since it was a mild day, a bit cold and foggy, but dry, we decided to go on down the hill to Lincoln Park to walk off some of our breakfast. 

This old city park is adjacent to the ferry dock. 
 We decide to do our walking along the shore, with views of Puget Sound. 
 Big leaf maples added gold, and these shrubs, Arbutus unedo, Strawberry Bush, contributed both flowers and fruit at the same time. 
 A lone fisherman caught a fish as we watched. 
 We walked the shoreline, meeting other walkers along the way. 
 Around the bend and at the end, we retraced our steps. 

 We climbed a stairway and a path created in 1931 by the WPA for a bit of a walk in the trees before returning to the parking lot. Round trip was a little over two miles, just right for me these days. 
 These charming old homes line the other side of the street up on the hillside. 
Light rain began to fall just as we reached the car. Good timing, a good walk, good food and fun with family, all in all, a good day!


  1. I love the beautiful leaves but the frighten me when they’re wet. I am so afraid they will cause me to slip and fall. It was such a dry summer I’m having some trouble feeling secure on wet sidewalks and paths, especially if they’re covered in leaves.

  2. That was a great walk. Thanks for all the pictures!

  3. I love the cover photo with all the colorful gourds! What a nice walk you had and all the leaves are so pretty - it makes me feel like getting in the car and rushing down and gathering them for my collage projects.

  4. What a pleasant way to spend the day. The views were beautifully captured. Thanks for taking us along.

    On a side note, I just realized I can comment on your blog if I access it from my phone, but I can’t comment when I read it on my lap top. Blogger these days makes me a bit crazy.

  5. That looks like such a pleasant place for a walk. We have had two weeks of mostly cold, wet rain and the prediction for the coming week is more of the same with some snow mixed in from time to time. I find myself thinking go out for a walk or curl up with a book?

  6. You got out and took advantage of a wonderful day with good color and family.

  7. What a lovely place to walk and to shuffle thru those beautiful leaves. Fall has so many pluses besides being the end of the heat.

  8. Just beautiful pictures, Linda. I especially love the fourth from the last. :-)

  9. The leaves making a walkway are very pretty! You have fall now for sure:)

  10. A wonderful way to spend the day, friends, family, and a nice autumn walk!

  11. I think the PNW is paradise -- I know I'm repeating myself. Even with all the rain it's stunning.
    Our leaves are just beginning to turn here. Our temps have been in the 50s and Halloween is supposed to be 70 yet again. My garden has gone to sleep, though, and the inside of our house smells like the apple butter I made yesterday.

  12. what a beautiful walk in the autumn leaves-great scenery!

  13. Such a pretty place to walk. Seattle is a beautiful! and you take the best pictures!


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