Thursday, October 25, 2018

This Was Sunday

For the first part of the week, we had cold fog. Today as I publish, it is Thursday, and we have rain. We did have one day of almost clear sky in between.

Color is developing fast now in our yard.  I took these photos on Sunday, in the fog.

The golden hop on the gate.
 The rugosa rose on the driveway wall.

The callicarpa, Beauty Berry, alongside the rose. 


Spiders everywhere. 
Web draped roses, old and new.

There "alliums" hold their "metallic" color.
Sedum Autumn Joy
Tom has worked hard to get the raised beds put away for the winter. He had to straighten the bulging sides, which required a lot of digging. He rebuilt the hoop houses and has since moved most of his bonsai into them. After letting the rain soak the soil, he will apply the plastic sheeting. 
All that's left is a few zinnias.
Color on the maples comes slowly in the shade. There will be updates. 

A fuchsia acrobat landed safely on a filipendula leaf. 
The kiwi vine is almost bare. 
The deciduous bonsai trees are left out to appreciate their color. The one on the left is old. The other two are new and still in training pots. 
The spider appreciates them too. 

There are lots of berries this year. I wonder how long it will be before the robins come and strip the cotoneasters.  
From the driveway this is how the trees in the front yard looked on Sunday. 

But the best view of them right now is upstairs from our bedroom window, where I do my exercises every morning. This is how they looked today. 
 The Korean Dogwood and the Japanese Full Moon Maple. 

The show will go on. There will be updates here too, maybe between rain showers. It looks like they may stick around for a while. 


  1. What a marvelously wonderful garden, ever changing, always beautiful. Here in Hawaii, our gardens hardly change. It is usually just green and only turns brown if plants aren't watered (and then they die).

    If the bonsais are put away in the greenhouse, will they still turn with the seasons?

    1. The bonsai are put under unheated cover to protect them from too much rain and from hard freezes. They come back out in early spring, in time for the next seasonal changes. They are year round outdoor plants.

  2. Just beautiful, Linda. I love all the color you show here. :-)

  3. Funny to think that we had these conditions about a month ago.

  4. we just got some yellow leaves on one of our trees-so autumn is coming here too.

  5. Your garden is always pretty but I love the way it is looking now as it winds down for the season.

  6. Such beautiful colors. Tom's done a great job of getting the raised beds ready for winter and I'm always impressed with his bonsai collection.

  7. Just lovely. I like how Tom covers the raised beds. Smart idea and one I will copy.

  8. Wow! All of that is so lovely and I regressing fall, although I think ours will h ave been pretty short.

  9. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  10. It's looking very Fall-ish and lovely in your garden.

  11. Fall definitely has a unique beauty.

  12. WOW! What an amazing variety of plants you have, and you know all their names. I'm impressed! I love the mix of colors, heights, and textures.


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