Monday, October 8, 2018


Sunday was a dark and drippy day. It didn't rain hard enough to keep us from our walk in the morning, but after that I was happy to stay inside. 

I got my exercises done, read the paper, had lunch, and then while the Seahawks football game was on, I kept track of the game while I put up the Autumn/Halloween decorations.

They're pretty much the same ones I use every year, sometimes in different locations. The fireplace is the focal place. 

 The picture is bead work that Tom's grandfather created many years ago, when that was a popular hobby. Those two funky looking Jack-o-lanterns are vintage glass candy jars, circa 1915, that belonged to Tom's mother and her sister when they were small children. These things are treasures. 

The big apple is a gourd, and the log is really a faux birch planter, overturned. That knobby thing is a dried crookneck squash that we raised a long time ago. 

I made new arrangements using this year's dried hydrangeas, collected for our garden. 
 The old compote holds dried corn and dried gourds.
Pumpkins aren't blue, but this one appealed to me when I found it at a glass studio sale last year because it looks great in my blue and green powder room. 

 When Tom taught kindergarten, he found some treasures that had been left in his storage room.  These old Halloween decorations were among them. He claimed them as his own when he retired in 2000. 
 They are old, funky, and fun to use 
Today the high temperature was only 55. The night time temps are in the 40's now. Summer is long gone, and even when the sun returns later in the week, it will only get up to the low 60's. It's time to enjoy all things autumnal. 


  1. Tom's classroom finds look like vintage treasures, I love them!

  2. Enjoy seeing your decorations. I love the feel of fall in the air.

  3. Your house is all ready for Fall now. I always seem to re-use the same decorations from year to year.
    Who remembers what I put out a year ago!

  4. You have done a grand job. I love Autumn colors and those big Halloween cats are so cute.

  5. You could charge admission for people to come and see a nicely decorated house.

  6. Such wonderful fall decorations, LInda. I know how much you love to decorate for all seasons. This is really neat. I like the gourd apple, too. :-)

  7. Nice decorations! I like your blue pumpkin too:)

  8. yep autumn is here, we have rain and cool temps 50s...already hubby is complaining about the cold-lol!

  9. I love the old halloween decorations. I have a few vintage things in my own classroom that may come home with me when I retire. Your house looks ready for autumn. Looking forward to the sun's return and some nice dry days to work outside.


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