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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Cat Update: She's a He

I found out about our borrowed cat, Charlie. She is a he, and his name is Mewdini. 

After my blog friend and gardening friend, Alison, wondered if Charlie might be a Norwegian Forest Cat, I looked up the breed and the description fit him so well,  I had to contact his owner and see what I could find out. Since I only had access to his city council email, that's how I reached him. Peter emailed me back with this story. 

Hi Linda,
I'm emailing you from my personal email.  Thanks for your email about our cat.  Our cat is a neutered male with a microchip and we call him Mewdini because he's an escape artist and loves to climb.  He'll even follow me up the ladder on to the roof of the house when I'm cleaning the gutters.  My girlfriend owns a an Arabian mare (horse) who is boarded in a farm in Issaquah and Mewdini started out as a feral barn cat.  He followed her into the car one day and wouldn't leave so we re-homed him at our house.  I suppose "Charlie" is as good a name as any for him.  He doesn't come when called by name but he does come when you whistle.

(When Charlie first found me in my garden, he jumped up on my leg to be petted. He seemed almost like a dog, which is a characteristic of Norwegian Forest Cats. Now I learn he answers to a whistle.)

We haven't figured out what specific breed he is but I suppose we can find out with a DNA test, we just haven't considered it until now.

I built a special coyote/dog/raccoon proof cat house for him that has two levels with pexiglass windows on three sides so he can come and go as he pleases and he usually sleeps on the first floor keeping an eye on the yard.  There's an icebox with bedding and a cat hole cut into it on the second floor for extra warmth but he prefers the cold and
 rarely uses it unless it's below freezing, He's been using it the past two days though.  I've attached a photo of the cat house.

We also try to keep a reflective snap-off collar on him but he frequently loses them, I think we've gone through a dozen collars by now.

He gets meals twice a day, both wet and dry food, with snacks between when he's around so he's very well fed.  He always has water but it's been freezing the last two days so we've been refilling the water bowl more frequently with warmer water which he seems to enjoy.

He chases mice, birds, bugs, and even moles but he rarely catches them.  He also chases pine cones and sometimes acts as if he sees ghosts and chases unseen objects.  The neighborhood crows hate him and will announce his whereabouts with loud caws.

When he jumps on your leg he wants to be picked up.  He can do some tricks, if you hold your arm out and wiggle your hands he'll jump up and grab your arm (no claws) for fun.  If you bend over while gardening he'll jump on your back.  He often comes when you whistle, even from far away.

Thanks for being his friend.  :)
-Peter Kwon

Charlie, or Mewdini, has jumped on my back when I was out on my knees, gardening.  I'll have to try the other trick.

Peter also followed up to tell me that Charlie is a young cat, probably only two years old. I had already decided that, since he has just grown to full size. I'm very happy that Mewdini is well cared for.

I will continue to call him Charlie, but now he's a him and not a her.  


  1. I love the name Mewdini, but I'll always think of him as Charlie since that's what you call him. Thanks for following up with his owner. What a nice enclosure he has! If he does have some Norwegian Forest Cat in him (he certainly looks like one), I'm not surprised he likes the cold weather.

  2. What an interesting story! I'm a big cat lover and glad to see that he has a nice home with people that care about him. It is also good that he has such good friends to visit! You can enjoy a cat without having one.

  3. That is some cat house and his owner has definitely gone to great lengths to see that the cat is comfortable and safe. I feel better now. Keep being Charlie's friend. We enjoy visiting with him also. Mewdini is a cool name but I think Charlie is stuck in my mind now.

  4. HI Linda,
    Your story reminds me of what happened to two dear friends of ours. They adopted a cat and had it spayed. A few months later, they were camping in Maine with their cat, when it had babies on the bedroom rug in the camper! 5 of them! Needless to say, they were shocked. Seems there had been a paperwork mix-up at the Vets and now they found themselves camping with SIX cats! p.s. They have since found homes for some of them and are down to camping with two cats! So - I guess it could be worse! ~Cheryl

  5. I am a dog person but this cat - Charlie - I love him!

  6. My daughter and I just loved your story from yesterday. Can't wait to share this update with her.

  7. Love this info on Charlie! He's quite a character.

  8. He has a great house but is probably lonely! Good to know he has an owner! Do you suppose he will keep the coons out of your yard? :)

  9. As Paul Harvey always said, "Now you know the rest of the story." Good to know that sweet Charlie is loved, cared for, and has a good friend in you!

  10. Our dog, Annie, doesn't like cats coming into our garden. She chases all out. One of the neighborhood cats came into our house while I stepped out to shake a rug. Big mistake. Annie chased it all the way home. I don't think she would hurt a cat. We have friends that have cats indoors and out and she doesn't bother them. You have the best of cat worlds. No vet bills and a sweet lively cat to visit. My BIL had a cat that way. It would come into their house, have a nap on their guest bed then get up for a snack and back outside it would go. Ha...

  11. What a great story about Charlie. He'll always be Charlie to me, and such a sweet cat. Thanks for sharing the information about him. And that is one really great cat house! :-)

  12. That is a wonderful post. What a lovely cat.

  13. how fun the genealogy of your visiting friendly neighborhood cat and a closer friendship with his!

  14. ps I suddenly got all old comments on my blog to approve=10 of them not sure what is happening but the lost messages are found...on to the future!

  15. It sounds like Charley is teaching the neighborhood a few things.

  16. Mewdini certainly fits doesn't it? I suspect he's simply lonely for human company and quite happy to come visit. What a wonderful e-mail from your neighbour - love the cat house.

  17. Hey Linda. Such beautiful snow pictures. I love those faces on the building, especially with the snow. I was telling my daughter about them. She loves things like that and found two really neat faces recently. Mewdini is such a pretty cat. I would love to have one just like him. We've enjoyed having warmer weather but a cold front in headed our way and there are jonquils in bloom here.


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