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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Field Trip

As a continuation of our tutorials on making faux stained glass, we led a field trip Saturday for our garden club. While only four other members were free to attend, we had a good morning prowling through several stores full of re-purposed materials.
 Tom and I bought glass scraps here at Bedrock Industries, a business that makes decorative products from fused recycled glass.  It is located near the south end of the Ballard Bridge, and is fun to prowl through. 
 Then we went on to Ballard Reuse, where we were looking for an old window, not too big, that we could move up to from picture frames, to try more faux stained glass. We did buy one smallish old window. Someday it may be a finished product. I didn't take photos of either place, since I was busy searching for treasures and visiting. 

The six of us enjoyed lunch in Ballard at the Hi-Life, located in the old Ballard Fire House. Then we bid our fellow field trippers adieu, and since it wasn't raining, and the sun even played peek-a-boo, we drove over to the Ballard Locks on the Ship Canal for an easy stroll and a search for things blooming. 
Oregon grape (Mahonia)
 Edgeworthia, so early, so weird and yet lovely close up, and with a heavenly fragrance. 

 Snowdrops and cyclamen. 

 Iris reticulata
 More helebores, going sideways. :-/
 Double helebore.
 Pieris Japonica.

 Viburnun, maybe burkwoodii, also very fragrant, with only a few clusters open so far. 
 Hazelnut catkins. 


 Early rhododendron.
 Labeled Japanese apricot, an early Prunus. 

 I've thrown out a bunch of photos that insist on going sideways, but I had to keep this tree with wonderful orange berries. It looked like it was blooming from a distance. 
 This is what it is. Sorry about the crick in your neck now. 
 Daffodils will soon be blooming. 
 I hope you're finding time and opportunity to do something that makes you feel in the pink.


  1. So tell me...ya all have stuff blooming twelve months of the year??

    1. Pretty much. That is actually a goal in our Puget Sound area gardens.

  2. thx for blooms and preview to spring! So amazed by all the names of the plants that you know...

  3. My daughter lives in Ballard - if I ever visit (I do not like to leave home) I want to go to Ballard ReUse to look around and find old treasures. Nice day, mahalo!

  4. What a great walk. Surprising to see all your blooms.

  5. Fun to see the flowers and I hope your trip for treasures was fun! :)

  6. I'm amazed at what's all blooming out your way.
    I think I'd find some treasures at the ReUse place too.

  7. Bedrock has some wonderful stuff and I love visiting there. Glad you found an old window to use and so enjoyed the tour of the Ballard Locks!

  8. That Edgeworthia is really interesting. Wish I could smell it. Our daffodils are all ready in bloom. They are everywhere.


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