Monday, February 4, 2019

It's A Snow Day!

I found this blog comment from "Sillygirl" in my email this morning: 
"It's Monday and I bet your yard looks a bit different this morning. We need photos!"

Well, that was a 8 AM and I was just getting out of bed after a less than restful night's sleep. But duty called. By 9:00 I was risking life and limb - that was just trying to get my big rubber Muck boots on while bundled up. It was 23 degrees, and blowing snow. Out I went, first to fetch the newspaper out at the street.

 It started raining lightly about 1:00 Sunday afternoon. Sometime after the Superbowl started at 3:30 the rain turned to "slushing", with the temperature around 35. Gradually the rain/snow mix got whiter and the temperature began to slowly drop. This morning it was 23, and at 11:00, it is still holding at 23.  That means the snow is sifted down over a layer of frozen rain/slush, or in other words, ice. The streets are not plowed or de-iced. This car will not be making it up the hill. That's why hilly Seattle and the surrounding area are on a snow day. 
 The flowers I bragged about are not pleased. 
 My footprints will be a measure of how much more show we get since it is still snowing, although it is hard to tell which is new falling snow and which is powdery snow blowing around in the wind.  
 The greenhouse roof is not insulated. 

 The depth of snow in the back yard depends on proximity to the trees. 

Tulips punctuating the snow. 
 Snow here is about four inches deep. 

 Rosemary was happy and blooming. Now she's not. 
 A new variety of mop head hydrangea. 

 Cotton bushes?

 Peony hoop, or snow waffle.

 I have circled the house and I'm back around to the front.
 Witch hazel
 Maple tree filigree. 

 In the back, on the patio, where the snow drifted in: cold beer, anyone?
 The wind spinner isn't accumulating snow. It's too busy spinning in the wind. 
 I don't think we'll be sitting here today. I wonder if Charlie will show up? 
Yup, it's a snow day. Tom said that's why it's OK if I put off the house work to play with pictures. It's a snow day. 


  1. Snow day for us too. Isn't it amazing how a little (lot) of snow can put all of our plans on hold? I think it goes back to when we were in school and a snow day meant "CHANGE OF PLANS NO SCHOOL TODAY" - so even with a lot to do that I planned to do inside, I feel like I can coast today. :)

  2. It looks like you have a pretty yard. I'm a little jealous of the snow. I recently relocated from Northern CA to North Carolina. We had one snow this year, maybe 6 inches but it was gone in a day. It does get cold here. We had nights in the teens last week, but no snow.

  3. Oh my! If I didn't know better I would have thought some of the photos were shot in black and white. I sure hope it disappears just as quickly as it arrived. Those poor flowers.

  4. thanks for photos...our daughter lives in Redmond and they had 12 inches...time to stay inside

  5. Well, good for Silly whats-her-face for getting you out and letting us see how a real winter can visit you little bit of paradise These are beautiful. It was 63 here today.

  6. Wonderful, wonderful pictures! I knew I could count on you to show me what it looks like there. I braved the weather this morning, bundled up against the frigid temps and brutal 50-mph wind! I took the bus because I didn't want to drive. :-)

  7. A fresh snowfall is so beautiful! You've got some wonderful pictures there!

  8. You get a completely different view with snow. Photography is also different with snow. Keep warm. Keep safe. Stay off the roads.

  9. You really got some snow! Nice photos! I bet your snow is gone before ours:)

  10. And you did a beautiful job of showing us your "new" yard! Let's hope this is the only time for years going forth that you can do this. My friend in North Carolina reported that it was going to be in the 70's this week - but then Mother Nature also "blessed" them a while back while we were walking in the cold sun so I guess it evens out. Thanks for all the photos!

  11. Love the new look of your garden but am not so fond of the cold temperatures and wind. Thanks for braving the elements to show us your snow.

  12. I know the plants are not thrilled but that snow fall is purely beautiful. I am envious here in snow-starved Arkansas.

  13. It appears that you can now say you definitely have had winter in all forms. It is truly beautiful. I love a good snowfall.


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