Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Northwest Flower and Garden Fest, Part 3: Plants and Vintage

Because it's a garden show, there have to be some plants for sale. While we tend to not buy plants in the winter, we do like to look. There are indoor plants, bulbs, shrubs, and perennials, many with winter interest.

Nurseries, large and small, are represented, but being consistent with my other posts, I don't have the names or credits. We just looked and enjoyed, so you can too. 
 I think Lithops, Living Stone plants, are fascinating, so I included this photo even though it insists on going sideways. There is something about my iPhone photos that causes this to happen in an unpredictable manner, and I have not found a remedy for it. 

But back to these cool little plants, I have never seen them in bloom before. Now I want to try growing one. 
 Succulents in frames and hypertufa planters. 
 Winter is the time to appreciate shrubs. I am amazed by the variety of color and texture in these conifers. 

 Christianson's Nursery is always a must stop when we go the the Skagit Valley for the tulip festival. 

 Hairy Potted wanted to come home with us.
 There are so many beautiful helebores.
 Moss ball planters, Kokedama, are all the rage. We haven't succumbed to their charms, though. 

 More succulent wall containers. We discovered somewhere along the way that this year's hidden object in all of the gardens and displays was an airplane. There is always something different every year, sort of like a treasure hunt. These were obvious. 

One corner of the huge market display hall is devoted to vintage items, especially things you might use to decorate your garden or garden room.

 Yes, Tom has a watering can collection. No, he didn't add to it.

 Bob Bowling creates his Rustic Sheds on Whidbey Island, near our cabin. 
 Long ago my brothers had a John Deere pedal tractor. No wagon though. I think this is a newer model. 
That's enough for now. I'll wrap this up with one more post.

So far we are keeping the snow away. Monday we sent it south to Portland, Oregon. We have been enjoying sunshine, and while it is cold, with the snow piles gone from the shoulders of the roadways, I am back to walking my two miles again. That makes me happy. 


  1. I am never going out your way to see you unless I win money in the lottery and can fly my own plane back full of plants and planters.

  2. It's always a treat to have so many great vendors all in one place during the show. Hairy Potted will be a nice addition to your collection!

  3. Wow, what an amazing show! I'd have a hard walking away without splurging.

  4. Another lovely visit to the Flower Show. I love succulents and am wanting to plant more of them this year. :-)

  5. Plant people are amazingly creative in what they can do to display a product and get you to part with your money! But it all looks good.

  6. All those succulents would want to come home with me. Too bad I can only allot one windowsill to them and it's almost full right now. I'm hoping you did bring Hairy Potted home; he really is appealing.

  7. Shows like this can lead me down a crooked path. I usually get plants because the weather is kind of nice and am usually slammed by the rest of winter that kills them off. I admire your restraint. Harry Potted is a cutie.

  8. yes spring is coming, how fun all the plants love succulents or cactii that bloom

  9. That hairy Echinacea (?) looks so unusual. Are the hairs like spines or are they soft? I remember those pedal tractors. I always wanted one. ha...

  10. Succulents have certainly gained in popularity lately. They are everywhere, including in several of my own containers.

  11. Fun stuff to see! I like that Hairy succulent also! :)


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