Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Keeping Busy

When you are outside people and you can't really go outside, when you are gardeners and can't garden, when you need to exercise and can't go for a walk, or even drive the car out of the driveway yet, you find other things to do. 

Tom has been gardening in the garage. 
 Tom has a collection of bonsai trees that he created many years ago. They take care that he has not found the time, or made the time, to give them lately. He has the time now.

He has brought his trees, a few at a time, out of winter storage, to prune and shape and re-wire them. 

He has a kerosene heater that warms the garage up to almost 60 degrees, good for working on projects. 
 Sometimes he has company. Charlie can be quite adamant about joining us, so of course I fixed a box for him. All cats like boxes, even Snow Cats. And being warm and dry isn't bad either. We do have to shove him out the door and insist that he go home sometimes, though. Charlie is really Mewtini, and he is not our cat. 
There is another project in progress on the workbench that I have been working on. That will soon be ready for publication. 

The garage is also where I have my stationary bike. I like to exercise where it's cool, so the garage is just right, and I can read my Kindle as I pedal. 

So that's how we are managing to stay busy, gardening and exercising, in the garage. 

Weather update: the temperature is up to 37, and after about 20 hours of rain, it's clearing up. The rain has soaked the snow, so we now have deep slush everywhere. 

 It's a mess. Shrubs will hopefully bounce back when they are freed from the weight. 
 A large branch has come down out of one of our tall fir trees, and several more are broken and hung up in the tree. Clean up, when it's possible, will probably involve a tree service to help. 
But for now, we'll stay busy, and sane, indoors, or in the garage. 


  1. We are creative too, you have to be in order to stay sane! I shoveled again today. Charlie looks like a good visitor:)

  2. Love the shot of Charlie in his box. We have a strange rescue cat who is not attracted to boxes. We also have lots of dirty nasty slush all around. We went out for lunch today and to get some more groceries. Fortunately, it wasn't too hard to get out of our neighborhood to the main roads which were pretty bare. Things may freeze tonight though. Glad you have a warm enough garage to do some activities.

  3. Tom has an impressive collection of Bonsai trees. What a lot of work they must be.
    I really like your exercise bike. So much more comfortable-looking than the old kind ( that we still have but rarely use).

  4. Wet snow has to be the worst. It's hard to move through and it does some serious damage.

  5. We are still in the snow period. It's down to 28 and we probably will start having rain tomorrow. I love the bonsai trees. Funny, the stationary bike I ride at the gym usually has people with a book in front of them. I don't read as I pedal, but sit and stare out the window instead. People watch. :-)

  6. Tom's bonsais are absolutely wonderful! His miniature majesties in a pot makes me want to try my hand at them again but I will resist so that they live.

  7. If anyone can be forward thinking, it is you both with your energy and hobbies and furry friends. I think the days after those soft white snows are the worst with their slush maybe becoming ice overnight. Stay warm, dry and safe.

  8. Lucky you having a garage to escape to. Wow Tom's bonsai trees are great. That is something I have toyed with the idea of doing. Actually I have tried without success. I have seen people read while running on a treadmill. I often wondered how they do that.

  9. we too have an insulated garage with heat and AC so it can be worked in year round. What a collection of bonsai trees. A great hobby!

  10. The picture of Charley made me laugh. What a cool cat. Tom's bonsai ability and collection are impressive. Looks like maybe a mosaic project on the workbench?

  11. Can't believe it never dawned on me that bonsai trees lose their leaves also. I have never seen a naked one. So glad Tom has that to tide him over.
    Charlie reminds me of a dog I once thought I had. She was a beautiful German Shepard that was always around, looked well cared for, ate my food and drank from the fountain. Come evening, she disappeared. Turns out she had a real owner who worked days so I became her daytime Mom. The dog was happy with us both as Charlie is with the both of you.

  12. I’m amazed at all your snow. It’s pretty, but gets messy after a while. Tom is such a whiz at bonsai. Art gave up a long time ago. He just couldn’t keep up with it and eventually lost interest although he still admires it and wishes he could have done better.


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