Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Snow Cat

In yesterday's post I wondered if Charlie would show up in the cold, blowing snow. She did. 
I gave her food and water, since all of her usual sources were frozen. She returned several times throughout the day, and at one point Tom let her into the garage since she was caked with ice. But she seemed fine, and went out through the cat door when she was ready. Tom spotted her several times frolicking across the yard in the snow.
This morning it was very cold, and anything that was at the melting point yesterday was now frozen. 
I got up late again, and bundled up to go out to the street to get the newspaper, but when I tested the footing on the street, I abandoned that plan and returned to the house to ask Tom to get the paper. He has better balance and stability. 
Walking very cautiously.
 The sun was shining and the wind had backed off, so I stayed outside again with my camera. 

 The greenhouse icicles had grown. 
As I walked around I noticed the evidence of our borrowed cat's fun in the snow. Charlie had been everywhere.

 Since the only prints out there so far were mine and hers from the day before, it was easy to track her. 

 There appeared to be only one set of prints each way where she would have returned home. 
 She lives in that house back there behind our compost bins. The owner says she is an outside cat, and has a little house out in their yard. I really hope she gets to come in at night. 

 She went into the secret garden, and beyond, on the maintenance path. She seemed to have explored every pathway possible. 
 She threaded through the rusty quail. 
 Down to the deck.

 Across the bridge.  

Lots of comings and goings around the side of the house. 

 Up to the front door. 
 Up and down the front steps and out along the driveway. 

 We know she goes visiting at the neighbors in front, but I think we are the only ones who give her handouts. 
I didn't see her when I was out, but as soon as I got my boots off and got inside, there she was. 
 She puts her paws on my chest to get her head rubs.
 It's a mutual hugging fest.

And then I fed her. Charley is my friend, but I am not worried about her. She is a snow cat. 


  1. looks chilly out there...good thing she has friends like you two.

  2. Looks like she likes you as much as you like her:)

  3. She certainly does make the rounds, doesn't she? Love the adventurous feline! Thanks for the introduction to a sweetheart. :-)

  4. This is like a cartoon I like where the cartoonist shows where the kid has gone throughout the neighborhood. You've shown where Charley went and what she did.

  5. I enjoyed the Adventures of Charley Cat!!
    Good that you're being cautious with walking outside. I'm really missing my walks and maybe will try to go tomorrow.

  6. Ah, I despise how treacherous this weather makes it just to walk outside, never mind driving. Charlie is such a sweetheart. She looks a bit like a Norwegian Forest Cat, which is supposed to be a very cold-hardy breed. I still hate to think of her outside in 17-degree temps.

  7. It appears that she considers your garden as her territory. It is good that you give her treats especially during the cold times. She needs extra calories to stay warm. I hope her owners let her inside during the night. She is lucky to have you and Tom to love on her.

  8. The best part of snow is being able to track the critters.

  9. Lucky Charlie, she's got a very good friend in you. I, too, hope she is able to come in at night. She's seems to be very smart, but there can be other dangers out there.

  10. I'm glad Charley has such good friends at the Reeder house. What fun to follow you and her on your snowy walk.

  11. Kind of makes one wonder if he ever feeds her or if she is supposed to be a mouser? Thank goodness she has you for feed and snuggles.

  12. I hope she stays safe. She needs shelter and regular food and you are good to be there for her.

  13. Aww, cute kitty! You got a lot of snow up north. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)


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