Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Arts In The Garden

Last Saturday morning we joined some of our garden group at a member's home for a lecture on fuchsias, followed by a potluck picnic.  Then we said our good byes and drove a few miles north to the Bellevue Botanical Garden for Arts In The Garden.

To quote the brochure, "This is a unique opportunity to see a wide variety of garden art available for purchase  among the flowerbeds and woodlands of the beautiful Bellevue Botanical Garden."

The garden was certainly beautiful in its late summer glory, the art was fun and interesting and beautiful and tempting, and yet we avoided purchasing. We have enough. We just enjoyed the free show.

 For me, the garden itself is the real art. I love this "meadow" in late summer, early fall. 

 The Hypericum berries are wonderful.

 Fun sedum planters.

 Wonderful Honeylocust tree. 
 I was tempted.
 Lovely fuchsia collection.

 The Border. 

 What is this exotic flower?
 Oh, it's the remnants of one of these gorgeous dahlias. 

 I am so intrigued by these Pineapple lilies (Ecomis) but so far we have not been successful in getting one to bloom. Maybe we need to move it into a pot. 

 Close up of "glass quilting".

We left with smiles on our faces, and we left this little beauty for someone else to take home. 


  1. That meadow is beautiful. I like how you have it for your header now.

  2. Very colorful. They've done some pretty neat things with the art and grasses.

  3. Wow! It looks so different from when we were there! So many amazing plants. Thank you for sharing all this beauty.

  4. just beautiful the colors, variety etc. would be hard to resist buying the fun stuff.

  5. Just beautiful. I love the grasses in the "meadow." And I think I would have been tempted too by those adorable rock ducks. :-)

  6. I was taken with the meadow also. Wow. Loved all the varieties. Also saw some uses for things I often throw away.

  7. Your header photo screams FALL! The garden is quite beautiful this time of year. I am impressed with your restraint regarding not purchasing anything. Even Tom getting all touchy feely with those wooden bowls. I am afraid I would be tempted beyond resistance.

  8. That golden grass is just awesome as was all the art, what a fun day for you!


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