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Saturday, August 17, 2019

More on the Long Beach Peninsula

After enjoying our ice cream and a rest, we drove on up the peninsula. The city of Long Beach is a tourist town and we are not especially attracted to tourist towns. We knew there were some interesting places further north that we had not been to for many years. 

The Long Beach Peninsula is a finger of land with the Pacific Ocean on one side - thus the long beach - and Willapa Bay on the other. Willapa Bay is noted for its oysters, and there is an historic old town on the bay side called Oysterville. That was our destination.
 Willapa Bay
 Oyster farming is still a big commercial enterprise on this bay, but in historic Oysterville, the look is small scale. 
 Yes, you could get some to enjoy with a glass of wine. We didn't. 

 On a sunny, mild day like this one, the little old town seemed idyllic. Not so much in the long, gray wet winters. Old homes are marked with their dates and the original occupants. It is beautifully preserved. 

 The landscaping on this street was lovely, modern and probably nothing like in the early days, but what a treat!

 Look at these wonderful old trees. I think they are a type of Cyprus. 

 Leaving this enchanting old village, we drove farther north to Leadbetter State Park near the northern tip of the peninsula. 

 We weren't up for much more hiking, just short easy trails out to the bay in several places. 

Moss hangs heavy in the rain forest. 

 And then it was time to reverse our journey.
We found dinner in Long Beach - Tom had oysters, I had clams - and then we began our long drive back home. It was a good day and a great get-away. 


  1. Such a pretty little town, and the gorgeous sky added to your wonderful pictures. Love the visit. :-)

  2. That little church is so pretty. The plantings around the various houses are nice. I like all those standards and topiary one. I don't know why I find them so fascinating but I do. I guess because I know it takes time and patience to develop those works of art. Good to hear you had such a good time.

  3. The houses were loaded with very colorful perennials.

  4. Oh, what a beautiful place. I do believe that is the prettiest old church I've ever seen. The homes are beautiful. I like that red one a lot. Guess I have learned to like red homes. :)

  5. How lovely! I'd like to walk around in those gardens and maybe have a peek into the old homes.

  6. What a beautiful little town. Fun!

  7. Those houses are simply incredible especially with the gardens. What a beautiful little town! Thanks for taking us along.

  8. What a neat old town. The church and the red house caught my eye. I'm thinking in the old days the landscaping was more on the order of the Osborne house but I really like the up dated versions.


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