Greetings from Seattle

Thursday, August 22, 2019

August Refresher

We've had some rain off and on the last two days, not much, but enough to refresh.

Wednesday afternoon was cool and cloudy, but the rain had let up, so we went for our walk after lunch, over at the local park, where we had not been for quite a while. We usually do a 1.5 mile route after dinner when it's warm. Here the loop is 2 miles and I did it without much trouble.
 The woods are still green, but the grass has all gone brown. 
 The heart puddle was almost full.
 The dahlias on the table stayed dry. 
 Outside it is drippy and droopy.

Spider webs are everywhere now.
 The tomatoes are coming on fast and we are incorporating them into most lunches and dinners.
 Rain water is weighing the heavy vines down. 
 Puddles are minimal. 
 I don't think I'll be having lunch here today. 
 Petunias don't like to get wet. 

 Rain gems on Lady's Mantle. 

 Droopy flower heads. 

Hopefully we'll get in another walk later. I like walking when it's cool. 


  1. I don't think we are having an unusual amount of rain this summer, but when it does rain it seems extra heavy but doesn't last. Kind of like Florida rain.

  2. Your garden holds up so well, even in the rain!

  3. You've still got lots of color thee. Enjoy it by getting your walk in.

  4. looks luscious especially the rain, we haven't had any since june!

  5. I agree, I like walking best when it's cool. You must have gotten way more rain than we did. It barely made the ground wet up here. :-)

  6. The garden is lovely in the rain, even if it keeps you from having lunch outdoors. :)

  7. Plants do seem to prefer God's water. Funny about the spider webs. Lately I seem to be running into them daily with my face. They are drifting everywhere.

  8. We have had a spot of rain too. It does make everything look fresh, green and perky. Have a nice weekend.

  9. I came looking for you this morning. :) I read your Sounders post, but hate being the first to comment. Silly I know. All the plants look pretty in the rain. We woke up Saturday morning to a little rain and much cooler weather. The weekend was wonderful, 78 degrees for Saturday. Hope this is the beginning of fall weather.


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