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Friday, August 2, 2019

"The Mountains are calling and I must go"

John Muir wrote those words in 1873, and they have been a slogan for many ever since. I do love the mountains, but for me there is one special place, The Mountain! My paradise is that special place on the slopes of Mt Rainier, aptly named Paradise. 

With big projects behind us, it was time to heed the calling and go to Mt. Rainier National Park. Two weeks ago we reserved a room for one night at nearby Chrystal Mountain Ski Resort, hoping that our weather would hold for two clear days. Then we set out early Wednesday morning for Paradise. This is the beginning of a series of posts of our two days answering the call of The Mountain.
There are many glimpses of Mt Rainier in the two hour drive to get to the National Park, but as you get near, the mountain looms. 

Of course I was very excited to see that would be blooming in the mountain meadows which Paradise is famous for. I knew we would have missed the earlier blooms, like the Glacier and Avalanche Lilies, but it was pretty cool to see Mountain Gentians right along the parking lot walkway. 

Having arrived early enough to secure parking, with the Tatoosh Range looming to the south, 
Rosy Spirea
we settled into a slow mode, knowing I would have to take it easy in the altitude and with uphill hiking. We started out with coffee and a cookie at the Visitor Center to set the mood and the pace. Look at that blue sky!
 Our first destination would be Mytrle Falls, a beautiful location and not too long or strenuous a hike. 
Broadleaf Arnica and white American Bistort 
 Bear grass

A grouse hen hid in the shadow. 

Blue lupine and Alpine daisy
 Here we are at the base of Myrtle Falls. 
 And above the falls. 

 Partridge foot

 Yellow monkey flower

 White Valerian and purple heather

Yellow lousewort, mountain spirea
 Blue Lupine, yellow Arnica, Magenta Paintbrush, white Bistort. 
 Paintbrush and valerian

 Alpine daisy and Arnica
Time to turn around while others enjoy this wonderful place.

 Some plants are marked
Now it was time for some lunch and rest before our next hike. 


  1. I'll never forget my experiences in mountain meadows and flowers. There are also many birds. Some species of sparrows do very well in mountain meadows.

  2. It sure is beautiful up there.
    That Grouse hen was so camouflaged I would have missed her if you hadn't mentioned she was there.

  3. Wonderful! I'm very much looking forward to more posts. It was a visit to Paradise that inspired me to buy two beargrass plants for my garden several years ago. They've only flowered twice in probably 7 years, but when they do, they remind me of my visit to Paradise. We go to Sunrise occasionally, because it's a shorter drive, but there's no overnight lodge there, and fewer wildflowers.

  4. how cool and refreshing we are in the mountains too...about 7000 elevation-love the coolness and greeness. wildflowers are a special treat...

  5. You are making me miss the mountains. It shouldn't be too much longer before I can get back to my favorite mountains. Love your beautiful pictures of Rainier. :-)

  6. I would be hard pressed to pick my favorite terrain. I see so much beauty in the world, but right now I would pick mountains!

  7. Such a beautiful area and so much like the other side of the mountains where I was last month!!

  8. I can see why it calls so. Breathtaking. Sure makes the Ozarks look like foot hills. Took a bit to find the hen but was that trash beside her? Gosh I hope not. Maybe some plant identifier but I couldn't make it out. Loved that busy little chipmunk.

  9. I love the mountains. If I lived as close as you do to those mountains I would be a regular too. What beauty. I love the blue of the gentians. There is so much color! Plus you got to see a grouse!!, too much fun.


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