Friday, February 21, 2020

A Mountain of Work

On Wednesday of this week we had a mountain of work delivered.
OK, maybe not a mountain, but a hill of a lot of work, five yards of compost.

All winter long, when he could get outside, Tom has been pruning. Our yard waste bins have been stuffed for pick up every two weeks. This last week we have been blessed with dry, sunny weather, so I have been outside too, cleaning out the planting beds. Now we have every available bin full of winter debris and clippings and stuff I have picked up while crawling around on my hands and knees, my best way of working in the garden.

Tom started spreading compost on Wednesday while I worked to stay ahead of him with  my cleaning.

Tom's method is to fill five gallon buckets and wheel barrow them to where he is applying the mulch. 

 Charlie checks in most days and loves hanging out with us while we work. 
 Gradually the beds are looking purrty. 
 As you can see, the tulips are up.
 And gradually the mountain was shrinking. 

 Today, after our long Friday morning breakfast, I worked with Tom, filling buckets while he spread the compost. That gave us both a chance to rest, waiting for each other.  By today we needed to slow down. We are both stiff and sore.

 We have wrapped up work now for a while. We have an event on Saturday, and Sunday is supposed to be rainy. We'll be back at it next week.
But we have managed to make a mole hill out of a mountain. The end is in sight. 


  1. That is some mountain of peat moss! I should do the same here.

  2. You are so right - that is a "hill of a lot of work"! It all looks beautiful!

  3. I am always impressed with all the work you both do. But it’s all so worth it when we see how gorgeous your garden looks in every season.

  4. how ambitious but what fun to see the change...on to spring!

  5. It looks so nice! It does look like a lot of work, but the payoff is worth it. I love the daffies and primrose picture. :-)

  6. Yikes, better you than me but I must say it really looks great in the cleaned beds. Yard is really taking on a Springish look.

  7. I am impressed that the mulch stays still. Over here, it blows in the wind, getting into our windows. So, we got rid of the mulch.

  8. I'm impressed with how fast the both of you were able to spread that mountain of compost. We'll probably get a pick-up load and think that's a lot of work. You both work so hard. Of course, your yard shows it too.
    Wasn't it wonderful to have that dry stretch of weather? It did rain for a while here this morning but now ( at 4 o'clock) the sun is shining. Unfortunately the forecast isn't very encouraging. Oh well. What can we do except hope for more dry days soon.

  9. Wears me out just seeing the pile shrink. Doesn't it feel good to get that much accomplished?! Well done. Your garden beds are looking neat and tidy.

  10. I absolutely love your yard but I'd not be up to the work. It's great that the two of you both enjoy being out there working together. Enjoy your brief break.

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  12. No wonder your garden and yard looks so wonderful. So much effort, and so worth the work! My Seattle daughter will be coming this Friday to perform the wedding ceremony for a friend and then back to Seattle (hoping it doesn't rain) on Sunday. Glad that you will soon have Spring!


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