Friday, February 14, 2020

Valentine's Day

Kitchen table

The Novocaine is slowly wearing off. I think my jaw will hurt a little, but I've already taken Ibuprofen to dull what ever pain comes. I had a noon appointment at the dentist office today to have a root canal, just one more in another series of dental procedures I'll be enduring this winter. It's not a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day, but I'll recover.

We did have fun with our Friday morning breakfast friends today. I bought Tom a box of See's chocolates for Valentine's Day and we agreed to share some of them. Chocolate for breakfast is a good thing. 

When I got home from the dentist, Tom presented me with a card and some yummy looking chocolate dessert that we will enjoy this evening when I can easily eat again. We plan to go out for dinner at some point. 
The mailman brought us a gift too. Our 2020 Sounders Season package arrived today.
 It was in a classy metal box with the Sounders logo, and TWO stars now, denoting two MLS Championships.
 A hard cover book of the championship season. 
 Our 2020 season scarves.

 I'm not sure how I feel about the black and white scarves, I prefer some variation of our team's sky blue and Rave green. 
 But they look pretty classy if you're wearing black.
And, right on schedule, the second stalk on the Amaryllis is blooming today. 
I hope you're having a sweet day, and a good weekend to come.


  1. I'm having a sweet day but ouch for that root canal. I don't like root canals.

  2. I hope your sore jaw heals quickly. What a way to spend Valentines Day.
    Looks like we both have Amaryllis blooming at the same time.

  3. I'm sorry about all the dental work you've been having and even on Valentines Day. I hope you feel better soon. It seems like the past year I have had one dental procedure after another and it is certainly no fun. I hope you and Tom have had a good Valentines Day.

  4. Wow, they really treat season ticket holders special. The scarves are pretty but like you I liked the ones you had with the blue and green better. At least you now have a change up.

  5. That's a pretty classy looking black and white scarf. Thanks for modeling it for me. And sorry to hear about yet more dental work. I guess your extraction has calmed down. :-)

  6. good luck with all your dental work-that's not fun but sometimes necessary! Happy Valentines to you and hubby!

  7. I hope your dentist does a good job taking care of your teeth. The black scarf looks nice.

  8. Such excitement getting your Sounders package. I hope it was enough to make you forget your misery.

  9. Oh, but you look classy in any color scarf. I do like the blue and green. I love seeing pictures of you all dressed in those colors going to the games. I absolutely dread dentist appointments...especially for a root canal. Hope you feel better soon.

  10. Well you are all set -- chocolate and Sounders! That has to counter a bit of dental pain in the grand scheme of things.

  11. My Amarrylus are in full bloom or bud, I have several plants. Kids are coming down this weekend, so I was hoping at least one would remain i bloom!

  12. Your Tom is such a sweetie. Chocolate for breakfast would definitely make my day. I think your Sounders scarf is very nice and it looks warm too. I hope all your dental work goes off smoothly. It’s all so expensive these days. Sigh...


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