Monday, February 3, 2020

Was That On Saturday?

It was a very good and a busy weekend. I had to think hard about what we did and when we did it.

It was Saturday morning when we went to the big antique show at the state fair grounds in Puyallup.  We are at that point where we aren't allowing ourselves to buy any more collectible stuff, but it sounded like a good activity to get us out of the house and moving.  I took some photos to give you an idea of the kinds of "antiques" that were on display.

 I thought of Connie of Far Side when I saw these ornaments. 
 There was lots of beautiful pottery, like this Roseville. It's fun to find patterns I've never seen before. 

 Lucite jewelry is cool. 
 Old furs, not so much.
 I thought this was a fun little vignette. I love the Space Gun.
 There were lots of great old toys. 
 We have this Fisher Price farm set in our attic. I may never get rid of it. It is one of our kids' earliest toys, and then my grand kids played with it. I've always loved it. 

You know you're old when you still have some of this stuff in your cupboards, and you still use it.

 I was tempted by these dragon fly pins, a little glitter to wear on my fleece. 
 Hopi pottery is our favorite Puebloan pottery.  We have a  few pieces that we collected in New Mexico.

 Some vendors  are very possessive of their wares. 

We had a good time, saw as much as we needed to, and left about 1:00, having achieved some walking, resisted buying anything, and found a Starbucks nearby for lunch. 

That evening we watched another good movie, Harriet, at our "home theater". It's available on On Demand or Netflix. I'll get back to finishing up my movie reviews before the weekend. Sunday is Oscar night. 


  1. There were some intriguing things for sale there. What a great excuse to get out and walking around, I'll have to keep that in mind. I would have been tempted by the dragonfly pins too. I find this is the first year in ages that I'm not the least interested in the Oscars, I don't know why.

  2. That was a great place to spend a few hours. I like seeing the old stuff.

  3. I’ve been wanting to see Harriet. I shall look forward to seeing it on the airplane when we board again. We used to love going to antique fairs. Not many of those in Hawaii.

  4. Thanks for the photo of the Shiny Brites! So pretty! I have a peg puzzle like that and my good old yellow Tupperware strainer is in use still today! Fun to see all the pyrex too I had that entire nesting bowl set at one time:)

  5. I love to see all these items and like you, I have a few I am still actually using! It is fun to see the things from our childhood and also many items I remember from my grandmother's house!

  6. I wouldn't have been able to resist those dragonfly pins. And that old pyrex is not only vintage, it's the real deal. The new stuff is no good. :-)

  7. Goodness, I remember so many of these things. The Pyrex is still my favorite. I have the set of mixing bowls in orange, brown, and yellow, and I have the two little red covered square bowls, in the picture. Have been catching up again! Enjoyed your last three posts too! We never go see a movie, but I would love to see Little Women.

  8. how fun, it reminds me of stuff I've thrown away but wish I hadn't...

  9. Amazing the things people hang on to. I'd have been tempted by the Hopi pottery.

  10. You had fantastic self control - not buying anything! I always tell myself not to buy at collectible shows here, but I always do. Some things just call to me, "take me home, take me home", and so I do.

  11. I bought a similar farm set, without the silo, for my grandson's second Christmas. The new barns are more like doll houses! This is much more like the real thing. What a neat show - I'm not sure how you passed up on some of the pottery.

  12. I recognized several pieces of vintage kitchen ware that I have ( and use). I don't think I could have resisted the dragonfly pins though.

  13. I have an original FP farmhouse. Made out of wood not plastic. Kids loved almost too much. Great antique fair


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