Friday, February 28, 2020

The NWFGF, Part 2: More Display Gardens

Of course there were many more display gardens besides the one I featured n my last post, Hill Top Farm, in the Convention Center. It always amazes me how the creators can set these gardens up in ways that recreate what you would usually find outside. 

I have lot of photos, so I'll try to be selective.

These were just in the entry hall, from the Flower Growers of Puget Sound. 

Our second favorite garden was from Nature Perfect, Inc, and titled "Jump Into Spring".

Tom likes to pet trees. Actually it helps to identify what kinds they are.
The lighting in this garden was dramatic.

Camping out?

 I liked the University of Washington canoes used as planters. 

 There was live music. 

 Kids and adults can both play in this garden.

 How about these sliced boulder gate posts!

 Dan Robinson does the Bonsai and son Will does the stone sculpting. 

I'm sure that's enough for one post. There will be more display gardens to come in Part 3. Stay tuned.


  1. Beautiful and so very creative.

  2. Fabulous! These are some of the best displays I've seen. Thank you for the wonderful pictures, Linda. :-)

  3. I kept having new favorites as I scrolled down. Loved the water feature but had to smile at the stump with tic tac toe lady bugs.

  4. That's a major complex. No wonder you got so many photos. They must have a large crew of very talented and creative people to put this together.

  5. Incredible! I can almost smell the fresh earth and the plants.

  6. These photos are so exciting to me. It makes my creative juices run. :) I love that sliced boulder and the sculptures. WOW.

  7. just the color, designs and creativity...

  8. Wow! That is just awesome! Thank you so much for sharing these photos. You all have the most amazing garden shows in Seattle. And you have the most amazing gardens as well.


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