Monday, February 10, 2020

A Walk In A Winter Garden

From previous posts you know that I live in an area with many wonderful public gardens and great places to go for walks. On Sunday morning, with the sun finally shining, I chose the Bellevue Botanical Garden, knowing we could stroll slowly, get in a couple of miles on firm surfaces, and find the witch hazel and hellebore in bloom.

We found what we were looking for right in the parking lot. 
 This area was redesigned about five years ago and the young witch hazels are loving it here in the open parking lot. 

 As we moved inside the walls into the gardens, the hellebore were blooming in profusion. 

 The northwest Perennial Alliance Border is a main feature of the botanical garden. 

 Hellebore as ground cover.

Fragrant Edgeworthia.
 The first early crocus. 

 Most of the older varieties of hellebore are shy and hide their faces. They need a little coaxing to show off. 

 Fragrant Daphne odora are opening. 

 Daffodils will soon be blooming

Even in winter shrubs add color and form to the garden. 

 Ah. Lovely little Tete-a-Tete daffs, the earliest to bloom. 
 Sprouts everywhere. 
 Fuzzy mullen. 
 Witch hazel after the fringe has finished. 

 Which way? I'll tell you in the next post. 


  1. Just beautiful, LInda. I love seeing the sprouts and blooming flowers already. So different from around here, just a hundred miles north of you. But it won't be long now, before spring bursts forth in all is glory. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. :-)

  2. wow, makes me envious of all the blooms-it's warmer here but no blooms yet they will come probably in another month but we do have sun and 60s. So i'm not!

  3. Here I go again with Witch Hazel envy again. I really love that plant. What a lovely spot to visit with all the color. Hum a fork in the road. As Yogi Berra would say, "When you see a fork in the road, take it."

  4. Thank you for the virtual walk. So very beautiful!

  5. You've got lots of blooms. I was thinking that the shrubs looked pretty good and that they were likely that way all winter.

  6. Fun to see what is blooming out your way. I have some hellebores blooming but nothing like this. It is supposed to get to 6F in the next couple of nights. UGH...that will slow down blooms. Walk on...

  7. Wonderful garden. i enjoyed the virtual tour, always a treat.


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