Monday, February 10, 2020

Movie Wrap Up

I watched. There were a lot of pretty gowns, not too many weird ones. Most of the men were handsome and the women beautiful. There was less of the messy hair look.  They looked like they made an effort to deserve their stardom.

The multiple hosts were often funny, occasionally awkward, and mostly apolitical. The acceptance speeches were pretty tame except for maybe Rene Zellweger and a rambling Joaquin Phoenix, both of whom attempted social awareness messages.

The awards were not surprising, but for me, disappointing. Given the hype I was hearing and reading about Parasite, we decided to watch it Saturday night. It is available to rent now on Netflix and On Demand.  We got past the sub titles OK, since we often use Closed Caption anyway on regular programming.  As for the movie, we didn't like it.  Oh, it held our attention and built an ever increasing sense of dread, in a sort of Alfred Hitchcockian way. Billed as a blend of humor and horror, it failed to be funny for me, and the horror part was just a sad commentary on the human condition. But it won the Oscar, so what do I know?

I won't say any more, since you might want to see it for yourself, and if you do, you should go in unaware and make your own judgement.

All in all, most of this hoopla is entertaining, but forgettable. Now it's back to politics, I guess. Talk about a sad commentary on the human condition. 

Be  well, be happy. I'm working on it. The sun will shine again today.


  1. Well, I do not like Tarantino as a director. I admit he is talented and squirrely, but too violent for me. So not watching his film, although I do like the two stars very much. Now I will watch the Korean that it is on Netflix.

  2. I didn't see any of the films since we have no theater here but enjoyed the celebrities and a few of the jokes. Curious about Parasite. May or may not. It was nice for a moment at least to almost forget politics.

  3. I saw Parasite at our local independent theater. It was interesting, well done, but the violence at the end was just too much for me. I was hoping for Little Women but figured it would be 1917. I was surprised. That big yellow blob in the sky sure is a welcome sight. As was the moon early this morning. :-)

  4. Politics is starting to get a little scary. I listened to my daughter rant for an hour on Sunday. she lives in Chicago.

  5. I wish they could all speak English:) But what do I know?? That gal with the lime green hair was really really ugly:):)

  6. I watched Parasite on the way home to Hawaii yesterday just because it won the Oscar for best picture. I have a friend who liked the movie but warned me that it WASN’T my kind of movie. But I watched anyway. And sure enough... It’s NOT my kind of movie. I agree about the dread and I didn’t find humor in any of it. I watched Abominable after that just to get the images and foul feeling out of my brain. And yes, I loved Abominable that my granddaughter insisted I should watch.


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