Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Road Taken - More From Our Winter Garden Walk

I left you on the last post with our choice - Which way?
There are many choices here, as this sign indicates. For this choice, we took the high road. That took us to the Visitor Center, the Rock Garden, the Ground Cover Garden, and the Yao Garden, 

 Nature plants the lichen and moss. 

 Another Edgeworthia, and a place to stop and smell 

 The water feature in the Ground Cover Garden.

 More fragrance from the Daphne Odora. 

 Into the Rock Garden.
Moss spore cases on stone.

 A white needled fir, I think.
 An early rhododendron.

 The Visitor Center terrace, one of several places I sat to enjoy a sunbeam. 

Once a wine cellar on the original owners estate, now it looks more like an elf house. 

The Yao Garden is wonderful even when nothing is blooming. 

 And then we took the low road to complete the almost two mile loop.
We discovered a new art installation. That would be the stone arch, not me, but it did seem like a perfect frame. 
 As we returned to the Visitor Center on still another path, we found this lovely Camellia. It seemed to be saying "Happy Valentine's Day!"


  1. Thanks for the lovely walk. I also really like that pretty bloom in your new header. I learn so much about local plants from you! :-)

  2. Each season shows a very different view. Spring is great. Now summer...what will that be?

  3. I would come live near you if it was not so far from my grands and children! Such a rich area.

  4. You took both forks, well done. Now we don't have to wonder about what the other one was. I really liked that stone arch and your are right, a perfect frame.

  5. What a beautiful place to visit. It's -24C here today, so again I'm living vicariously through you. Thanks for sharing.

  6. That door along the path does look like an elf house. I love doors and gates and fences. I've never heard of Edgeworthia. The yellow flowers are pretty. We have had such a warm winter, the fruit trees are budding and that is not good. Fruit trees just don't work here.

  7. What a wonderful place to enjoy a walk! Fun to see some Spring!

  8. I love walking through garden paths through your lens. Is your header picture one of quince? We get branches of those during the Chinese New Year (this year it was at the end of January) and they start off as bare branches and slowly the blossoms appear. Quite wonderful and pleasing.

    1. %he pink blossom in the header is an early Prunus that is called Japanese Apricot. I photographed at the Ballard Locks garden several weeks ago. Quince blooms aren't out here for a while yet.

  9. Love seeing all that moss and lichen. This is a fabulous garden.

  10. Thank you for taking us with you. You always find so much beauty all around you. Seattle sure does have gorgeous gardens.

  11. Beautiful. Your post is a breath of fresh air and peacefulness.

  12. how fun could almost smell the flowers...happy valentine's day to you!


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