Friday, February 19, 2021

A Little Field Trip

 We got an email notice last week that Carpinitos Produce Stand and Garden Center was open. I was ready to clear out the Christmas greenery in my porch pots and plant primroses. Besides, we needed to go somewhere. So we did. 

I found very pretty primroses for a good price. 
I picked one of every color except white. I also found a lovely Hellebore for a very good price, so I grabbed that too. 
Then we just walked around to see what we could see.
I like this pretty Mexican pottery.
A dragon fly landed in my cart. 
Since Carpinitos deals mostly in local produce, they did not have any for sale yet. We enjoyed the flowers and the chance to get out of the house. There were very few people to have to avoid. 

Since the rain held off into the afternoon, Tom and I went out to do some work. He finished pruning the maple tree and picked up. Then he cleaned up the bed under the window and transplanted a hardy fuchsia that needed to be moved and found a place for that new Hellebore. 
I worked here. I got all of the greens removed and the wreath taken down and taken apart.

I got rained out just as I was getting ready to plant the primroses, so I'll have to show you that in another post. We should be able to get out again tomorrow, perhaps between showers. 

I'm not ready to get down on my knees yet, but as long as I don't bend over too far or too long, I can do a few things. It felt good to be able get out and be productive. And have flowers!


  1. This weekend will be sunny here, we have already been to the garden center last week. I want to plant some new trees first and then flowers.
    Have a nice weekend

  2. Since we only go out one day a week for groceries, I loved seeing the garden shop with you. Your house always looks so gorgeous, Linda.

  3. I really like how that dragonfly managed to just flit into your cart like that. An obvious sign that it was looking for a new home and chose you.

  4. I can feel the season coming on, and seeing your outing to the garden shop confirmed it's right around the corner! :-)

  5. It is really nice seeing the signs of spring and gardening. It did look like you had the garden center to yourselves.

  6. Wow the Primroses are beautiful! Nice to see Pansies too! You will have the green replaced with flowers soon at the rate you are moving!

  7. As always, I love seeing the transformation of the garden as you move from winter to spring.

    Take care, stay well!

  8. Nothing more healing than to be in the garden. Love those primroses. I can't believe they were sold at such a low price. Lucky you to get such beautiful color. Have fun planting them.

  9. Wow, another interesting nursery. Love your choices. Can't wait to get home and start planting again. I'm loving leisure, but like anything else, enough is enough! Bring on the good weather where we can all get outside and work!

  10. We have a need to get out of the house and where better to go than the nursery? I hope you got to plant out your Primroses today. Here at least the weather isn't too bad at all. I'm late in commenting. My computer was acting up yesterday. I wonder what's up with that!!

  11. You have beautiful colors! I love trips to garden nurseries but the one nearest me tends to be crowded. So, I'll hit a small family run one where I was the only customer last year. Pansies, they go everywhere. The one time I planted them in the flower bed, they ended up in the lawn, in cracks in the sidewalk, etc. My late husband told me not to buy them again. :)

  12. flowers? greenness-not here yet! I'm ready to go shopping though!


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