Monday, February 22, 2021

Planting and Growing

 We lucked out with dry weather on Saturday and were able to get our planting done.

The primroses are now in the blue porch pots. 

The Christmas greens and wreath are gone. 

Tom cut back the hardy fuchsia that needed to be moved and planted it along with the new Hellebore in the bed he cleaned out the day before. 
Then we took time to enjoy what's growing. The snowdrops have mostly sprung back after the snow, but they are so shy we have to hold their heads up to see their pretty faces. 

They are right along the front walk, in the winter garden. 

The primroses I plant in the pots get moved out into the garden the spring, where most of them persist and bloom from winter to spring. 
New clumps of daffodils I planted last fall are showing promise of golden beauty before too long. 
The tulips will take much longer, but they are up and growing. 
And I read in the paper that there will probably be a Tulip Festival this year! We will have to pay attention, because there will be limited access and we will need reservations. But YAY!


  1. Your gardening activities are pretty active right now. You have some things to show your work.

  2. The Primroses look perfect in the pretty blue pots.
    Lovely Snowdrops. I wish Snowdrops would thrive in my garden but they don't.

  3. Dear Linda,

    It is so lovely to see all your outdoor activities and the ways in which your garden is springing into life. This is such a joyful time in the gardening year, full of hope for the seasons ahead.

    Your blue pots look most attractive, such a wonderful colour and the polyanthus plants look very happy there, ready to greet visitors and fill them with cheer.

  4. You are very active in your garden! I also have snowdrops, I like them.

  5. Everything is really looking good and springlike at your place. What a sight for sore eyes. Love the blue planters.

  6. It's all so lovely, thanks for sharing the photos. The mere thought of a tulip festival is wonderful.

    Take care, stay well.

  7. Those snowdrops are beautiful! I love flowers and plants as we get closer to spring.

  8. So nice to see your garden in progress again!

  9. I saw that about the Tulip Festival, too. I will definitely find a way to get there! :-)

  10. I hope you get to go to the tulip festival. The primroses look so colorful and pretty. Makes me realize that spring is not so far away.

  11. You have Spring popping up all over! Your Primroses are lovely:)

  12. The Primroses are so pretty in the blue planters. We've got sun today and 69.6 degrees. But wouldn't you know, we got our second Covid vaccine yesterday and I got up sick this morning. Yuk!

  13. I’m so happy for you all that spring is coming to Seattle. What a wonderful feeling! I wish it were coming for my kids in Illinois and Maryland too, but that’s quite a ways away yet.


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