Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Going Places and Seeing People and Things

 Here it is Wednesday afternoon already and I'm just getting around to posting what we did on Sunday. Funny how time flies even when you aren't doing much. 

I'll get to Sunday, because I have photos, but I'll start with the "Not doing much".  

On Monday morning I drove myself to my Physical Therapy appointment. Yes, I have been cleared for driving! And my PT doesn't think he needs to see me until March 29th! He gave me a few new things to work on. I'm not sure how I'm going to get my back rehab to catch up with my hip progress. Maybe a month will bring results.

On Tuesday we had our usual Zoom meet up. 40 minutes goes by quickly with just chatting.

This morning we made made a shopping excursion to Costco, only our second to that destination since the pandemic restrictions. 9:00 to 10:00 are senior hours and there were very few people to get in our space. We may need to go more often, except, as is common for a trip to Costco, I spent too much money. 

We have walked in the neighborhood the last couple of days what with a break in the rain. I struggle, but I keep at it.

Sunday we decided we needed to see our "kids". Is it OK to still call them "kids" when they are 45 and 47? Our purpose was to collect the Christmas wreath materials that are reusable. Since Jake lives in Ballard and it wasn't raining, we went first to the Ballard Locks to walk in the garden there. There are early bloomers there that we like to visit.

We miss going into the city, but with no one allowed in the stadiums we have no reason to go. 

We were happy to see the Edgeworthia in full bloom, and even happier to smell it's wonderful fragrance. 

This little patch of cyclamen was sheltered under the Edgeworthia. 

The crocus are beginning to bloom.
Lots of different kinds of Hellebore are blooming. 

Hazelnut catkins

The locks are roped off, no visitors. 

Wonderful black, double Hellebores that need help showing off their faces.

The park provides an easy paved circuit, just right for us "Old folks" .
An old, early blooming Rosamundi rhodie. 

We had a short visit with Jake outside. We have been keeping up with him via texts but It was good to see him in person.

In the afternoon we drove over to Jill's house and went inside to sit and visit with Jill and Irene. Isaac was at work at his pizza making job. We talked about what's happening and not happening about schools reopening. There is plan for getting the elementary kids back, but nothing yet for the older kids. There will be high school sports but we can't go and watch the track meets. That makes me sad. 

Irene let me look at her new sketch book. Wow! What a talented artist she is becoming. Sometime I'll have to get permission to show you some of her drawings. 

And that's what we have been up to. 


  1. Such a pretty outing! We hope some day to be able to visit our girls, it isn't safe enough yet in our area. :)

  2. Getting out to see new blooms coming on would lift my spirits.

  3. Nice you could visit your children.
    The park looks very nice.
    We are going to buy black Hellebores this weekend

  4. What a lovely post! It is the start of the wonderful season coming with flowers abloom everywhere!

  5. Oh how I wish we had some flowers coming up. Nothing yet. Thank you for sharing your pictures they are beautiful. It warms my heart to see them.

  6. Oh my, so much to comment on! LOVE the early blooming things! Now I'm really getting itchy to head home! That black hellebore is amazing! Hellebore is becoming one of my favorite plants. Glad you are getting around - recovery is always hard, but seeing progress is inspiring! Hang in there!

  7. Our crocus is almost up, but yours is ahead of us. I love the pretty black hellebores and all the blooms! Congratulations to being able to drive yourself! Yay!

  8. Thanks for the visit to the locks - we used to go out there regularly and I was wondering how things were and what was open and closed.

  9. It's nice to see your kids in person. I like those shots of Ballard, very pretty place. I would love to see Irene's art, as I love art. My home is full of it. Don't be shy, Irene, please.

  10. It was so refreshing seeing all the color. That black, double Hellebore was amazing. Have never seen one.
    Hope Irene lets you show some drawings. Would love to see them.

  11. It must have felt wonderful to get out and about, see the "kids" and some beautiful flowers/plants. I was fascinated with the locks when my parents took me there as a child.

  12. I love seeing all of the blooms out your way. I have a few snowdrops blooming. I will have some hellebores blooming in the next few days. I love that double black one you showed us. It is beginning to feel like an exciting time of year for the garden. I know it is too early here to do a whole lot but seeing what is going on in your part of the world sort of gives m ea preview for here. I am so glad you can get out and about to keep your muscles working and getting used to the new hip. Keep on...

  13. Nice that you've been cleared to drive again.
    I love that black double Hellebore. I wish it was one of the upward facing blooms kind.

  14. Wonderful you were able to have a visit with your kids. And yes, I'd still call them kids.

    Thanks for sharing the photos of the walk in the park. Such lovely flowers, at least a couple that I've never seen before. Take care, stay well.

  15. Oh wow! I didn’t know hellebores came in black. That’s very dramatic.

  16. sounds fun, my only trips so far are to shop for groceries but hopefully we'll be able to take a vacation in spring which isn't here all the blooms!

  17. I am glad to see you’re getting out and about yet are still able to do it safely. I wish more people would. As always, your pictures are lovely and many signs of spring!


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