Thursday, March 18, 2021

Cabin Gardening

 It was past time to get up to Whidbey Island to do some weed control in the cabin garden. After all, the tulips are up and bloom time is not far away. Our little cabin garden is the talk of the beach road walk when the tulips are in bloom.

The weather was promising, so we were off about 9:00 to spend the day on the island.

We got a couple of hours of work in before stopping to have lunch on the deck, since the weather was mild and calm. 

Tom had to do most of the weeding because I am not allowed to get down on my knees yet. That was hard for me, but I managed to keep busy doing other things and bending over more than I should have. The results look pretty good. Yes, we did use chemicals on the gravel portion. It's full of seedlings of weeds and volunteer flowers. 

When we were done we walked over to the beach to sit on a log and study the view of the sound for a while. The tide was out. 

Seattle is over there
Double Bluff and the Olympic Mountains. 
Tom inspected the new weather station that Jake purchased and installed, and the new replacement dock that Jake, Jill, Isaac and Irene built a couple of weekends ago. 

The lagoon at the golden hour. 
We ordered take out dinner from a little restaurant up on the hill and ate at the cabin before heading home as the sun was setting. We looked back on the view from the top of the hill before driving away to catch the ferry. 

This morning we have gone for a walk to work out the stiffness of yesterday's gardening.

All is good. 


  1. Oh what a lovely place!
    It seems you enjoy your day.
    I just heard today that we will be locked down again for one month!
    I really would love to go to the seaside!

  2. Another great day! So glad the extreme pain and being laid up has passed and you slowly get back to normal doing the things you love to do.

  3. Your recovery seems to be coming along really well, Linda. And your cabin sure looks wonderful!

  4. The new dock looks great. I look forward to pictures when all those Tulips are in bloom again.

  5. You are no doubt wishing you could be right there on the ground helping with the weeding. Me, I would be playing that prohibition for all it's worth for as long as I could!

  6. Any day out at a cabin is a good day.

  7. Always amazed that you take care of the gardens of TWO homes. You all really do a great job and such a lovely place to visit. That was a really nice dock the kids built. Good job.

  8. What a lovely place you have on the island. Love the garden there too!

    Take care, stay well.

  9. Nice mini-vacation! I like the view of the garden from above! Happy Spring, Linda!

  10. You did get some work done, and it is always nice to leave Seattle and go somewhere else, isn't it? Job well done.

  11. What a pleasant day you had. Reading about it gave me several pleasant moments too.

  12. I'm so glad you're doing well and having such a lovely time out at Whidbey. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful get-away.

  13. All IS good, Linda! What a beautiful place!

  14. Today is our first really nice day. Warm sun. I am happy to feel it. We are just past a deep freeze.

  15. Whidbey Island was our last trip before the pandemic. So nice to have the chance to see it again, and dream about being able to go back sometime soon!


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