Friday, March 12, 2021

Field Trip, Part 1

 We have more work to do in our garden, but we took Thursday off to go visit gardens where somebody else does the work.

Our first stop was the Winter Garden at the Washington Park Arboretum. This garden is noted for its Witch Hazels, many of which were already past their prime, but also for the under plantings of winter blooming hardy cyclamen and Hellebores. There were also early blooming azaleas, camellias, and a few other surprises. 

This awesome tree was not labeled, but its branches kissed the ground. 
The sun lit up the mossy coatings on trees and shrubs.
The golden witch hazels were still in bloom and made even more golden by the sun. 



Hardy cyclamen 

Another Edgeworthia

Silk tassel tree
An early iris.

I took advantage of benches placed throughout the garden. 

Native red flowering currant. 
Domesticated Pussy Willow. 
Newly planted Hellebores. 

The early pink plum trees are blooming in gardens everywhere now. 
We took our time enjoying every aspect of the winter garden before taking the path back to the car. 

The sunshine was warming and wonderful.

More to come.


  1. You are really lucky to have so many gorgeous gardens to visit in Seattle. Thank you for sharing their beauty with us.

  2. What we have in Hawaii is green, green, and more green. Occasionally we have dramatic yellow (the Gold Tree) and rainbows of flowers in our shower trees. But usually, just green and green. I recently bought quince branches that start off bare and then slowly pop out blossoms, and after that withered away, I bought curly willow branches that started showing tufts of green leaves. So lovely. Both the quince and willow were from the Mainland and not native to Hawaii at all.

  3. Great show. Lots to see and smell. No odor of spring here yet.

  4. What a lot to see and admire!!! You did well with all the walking that you must have done.

  5. Your post today is a poem for the eyes.

  6. I love the silk tassel tree it looks very nice.
    It looks as if you had a nice time outside!

  7. Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  8. So nice seeing so much color. That silk tassel tree was new to me and a great look. Of course, always enjoy visiting the witch hazels. Thanks for letting us tag along.

  9. How fun to see spring somewhere. This morning we awoke to snow in St. George-a rare once a winter day occurrence here. Waiting for it to melt as we are almost 80 degrees last week.

  10. Such a wonderful place to see and share with your admirers. You're looking good, Linda! :-)


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