Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Lakewood Garden Tour, Part 1

 We participated in our first of the season Northwest Perennial Alliance Open Gardens Tour last Sunday in the Lakewood district of Tacoma, WA. This area is dotted with lakes and was prime property for the wealthy in the early 1900's. Of the many large estates built then, many have been subdivided, but a few remain intact.

This is Greentreeacres. created on five acres of virgin oaks, firs, and prairie in the 1930's. Architectural structures, hardscapes, and plantings date from those early decades.

We entered behind the pool house and into the vegetable parterres. 

A peek inside the greenhouse.

A peek inside the pool house. 

The entry garden beside the main house is full of lovely plants, many more recently added. 

Ahead, the conservatory. 
The conservatory courtyard.

There are treasures inside the conservatory. 

There is an abundance of stained glass scattered around this estate. 
Out into the garden.
A 500 year old fir tree has pride of place. 

Thank you to the host family for this opportunity to visit this wonderful garden. 


  1. What an incredible space! I so appreciate your sharing your photos.

  2. Wow, what a lovely gardens with so many places to go to just think and enjoy. I would enjoy being lost there.

  3. What a lovely garden. What a wonderful old tree. It would be such a privilege to have such a specimens in a garden.

  4. How beautiful everything is and how tidy that greenhouse is. The pool house is amazing and all that greenery!!!!

  5. What a beautiful, beautiful place!

  6. I wonder how many staff they have to maintain all of that. Mind boggling!

  7. Lots of different colors with leaves.

  8. Just beautiful, loved all the variety.

  9. We are planning to put up a vinyl fence and it looks like these gardeners have one up. I'm amazed at what the upkeep must be like to keep everything so gorgeous!

  10. So pretty! A that is fancy smancy. I did like the raised veggie spots. Seems they like Hunting Dogs:)


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