Monday, May 31, 2021

Country Roads on the Island

Whenever we have a few days on the island, I like to find the roads less traveled. Some have destinations, some are just going along for the ride.

One morning we wanted a special treat so we drove to the Café In The Woods at the Mukilteo Coffee Roasters.  

We were hoping for a full breakfast, but alas, their kitchen was closed, so we settled for Blueberry Danish, and of course, coffee. 

We will want to come back when it's a little warmer and we can eat outside. 

Another day after shopping in Freeland for garden supplies, we drove backroads to see what we could see.

So much beautiful green in late spring. 

We found Cultis Bay. The tide was out. 

We found Maxwelton Beach. 

Even though the wind was strong, Tom raised Jill's Orca flag. We would be leaving and Jill and Irene would be arriving for the weekend. 

Beach walking is not something I can do well now, even though the tide was very low while we were there and Useless Bay was not always full of water, as it was in these photos. 

Driving country roads was a good substitute. 


  1. Coffee and a Danish eaten outside doesn't sound too bad to me!

  2. You found some lovely roads and spots to visit.

  3. Everything is so lush and green, definitely a wonderful place to explore.

  4. It's always nice to get out on a beach. One time at Long Beach on Vancouver Island I was the only person. there was a wind that must have come all the way over the Pacific. I remember taking shelter in some shrubs on the beach.

  5. The first pictures didn't post but from your smiling face on they came through just fine. Love all that driftwood. I'd have spent some time there.

  6. how lovely and cool it looks. We wil be 100 degrees this week!

  7. I do hope by now your upset tummy is just a memory. Love your pictures of Useless Bay especially. And such a gorgeous place!

  8. Beautiful sights. I love going to new coffee shops!

  9. Whidbey Island was one of the most beautiful places I visited but I only stayed at Camp Casey in Coupeville and didn't get to explore. The sunsets were incredible and the weather in mid September was perfect. Cool and sunny.

  10. It all looks really lush and beautiful. Linda, I really like your beautiful hair color and style.

  11. Looks like a nice drive! A old friend of ours has a glass studio in Mulkilteo, he worked as a glass blower in our area and stayed the summer in one of our cottages at the resort. He made me some goblets...his practice pieces and he made the blue glass that hangs in our window. He loved taking our small sail boat out on the lake. :)


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