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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Down the Path, and Other Places


Yes, the Wisteria is blooming. It's time to take you down the path.

There are lots of pretty ground covers along the way. 
Here we are. It's cloudy this morning but that makes for better pictures. 

A couple of blooms sprouted from the old, twisted trunk.

These are old Whidby cabin windows, embellished with Rusty Birds. 
This is the glass "quilting" we made last year. Tom has decorated the posts with his tube planters of colorful foliage. 
Around in the front of the house, the winter garden is bursting into spring abundance. The Yellow and red trillium are fading, but the spotted leaved are lovely. 

What was mostly bare a month ago is now a colorful tapestry. 

Some more container plants have come out of the green house. This is Tom's hanging pot for the shady corner of the patio. 

Hi. I don't know what this plant is on my head, but SHE liked it. 
Vancouver Centennial geraniums are planted in the patio bowl. 
The Bonsai crab apple is blooming.

We have cleaned up all of the edges and everything is looking spiffy. 

Oh, and then to celebrate, we had a little tea party under the Wisteria  on a sunny Tuesday. 
Our guests were our faithful regulars from our breakfast group. 

Our friend Dede is almost 94. Being a very social person, the pandemic has been hard on her. She was very happy to get out of her assisted living apartment and breath in some nature. 

She loved our park, and the Wisteria. We love her. 


  1. Your garden in so amazing. I think the pandemic was very hard on those in assisted living and other care facilities -- as it was for so many.

  2. Beautiful! That wisteria is magnificent. Every year it takes my breath away. Glad you are getting some socializing in, Linda. :-)

  3. You've really got things at the top of their game. Great colors

  4. Everything looks great especially the Wisteria which is wonderful!!!

  5. Your garden is certaily a gift to others and all that work has paid off in many ways, I see.

  6. Your garden is just stunning. How cool that you share it with your friends and especially that lady from assisted living. That had to be such a treat for her. I know it was for me.

  7. Oh my, it is all so beautiful! I love the room you've created with the wisteria and windows. What a lovely place to enjoy a visit with friends.

  8. We need smellavision - right now I have one sprig of lily of the valley and one wild rose in my bathroom and it is heavenly to enter that room!

  9. Wow, 94 years old. How nice of you to invite her. Your garden has many nice things to look at.

  10. I love your garden the best. And I look forward to seeing your wonderful wisteria in bloom. Love the windows around it. Tom's bonsai plants are impressive. The only bonsai that I do is bougainvillea because it is so hardy and low maintenance. Seems that you are almost good as new in body - your body is celebrating spring!

  11. It is absolutely beautiful there. Your friend Dede does not look 94 years old.

  12. My favorite time of year - when you post photos of your wisteria. Perfect place for a tea party.

  13. OK, now I know it's really spring. I love lilies of the valley. It's wonderful to get together again, isn't it?

  14. Your Wisteria is ever so pretty! I am certain your breakfast club enjoyed it!


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