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Saturday, May 15, 2021

A Change of Pace and Place

 On Wednesday Tom emptied out his greenhouse and his nursery and loaded up the van. 

My sister Laurie joined a garden club when she and her husband Arnie moved to the Winlock, WA area some years back. The garden club puts on a plant sale to raise money for a scholarship for a local high school student. Laurie had asked Tom if he could raise some plants for the sale. He did, and then some!

Laurie is a country girl. Recently, about six months after Arnie died,  she moved into a smaller place in the town of Chehalis. These are small towns surrounded by lots of open country side, and I was looking forward to a day in the country. There seemed to be a blessing in the sky as we drove south  on the freeway Thursday morning. 

We met up with Laurie at her home and then took the back roads to Winlock to deliver the plants and help set up.

We had lunch at a little country restaurant that Laurie and her family love. 

Just like we know every plant nursery in the greater Seattle area, Laurie knows every nursery in her surrounds, and of course, we had to visit one. The drive through the country side and along the Cowlitz river was beautiful.  Here we are at the Castle Rock Nursery. 

I was especially taken by the abundance of wonderful petunias. 

I didn't buy any petunias because they don't do well on our yard, but we did buy a few other plants. I like supporting small, independent, local businesses. 

We looked for another nursery, but it wasn't open, but again, the driving around was fun.

Then we headed back to Laurie's house to visit, have a salad supper, and talk some more.

It was close to 10:00 when we made it back home, but it was a very good day. 


  1. Sounds like a perfect day. What a wonderful contribution to the plant fund raiser as well.

  2. That was quite a donation you and Tom made. Well done and it wouldn't be you if you didn't come home with some new plants.
    Those cloud formations were really interesting.

  3. You mention lots of petunias. I'm disappointed this year as there are very few petunias for sale.

  4. That Magenta Petunia with spots would have been hard to resist! What a nice day you had!

  5. I love petunias, and those are some beauties!

  6. That must indeed have been a lovely day. All those flowers make me want more but sadly (?) I am out of room.

  7. perfect day in the country looking at plants...

  8. That definitely sounds like a wonderful day. I can't believe any plant doesn't do well in your garden.

  9. I agree with the other commenters. It would be hard to resist those petunias.

  10. Beautiful flowers! Nice day with your sister.

  11. Really nice plants in the van and the nursery. A fun day!

  12. I love the flowers! Petunias and geraniums do well in my sunny front yard flowerbed.

  13. Petunias have beautiful colours!
    It seems like you had a nice day.


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