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Monday, May 10, 2021

Flowers For Mother's Day

 On Mother's day morning we had brunch together here at the Homestead. Both of my "kids" and both of my grand kids were here to gather around the table. 

Jill brought me lilacs from her garden.

We didn't put them on the dining room table though, because they make her sneeze. Instead I drank in the fragrance from the kitchen table. 

I didn't actually take any photos on Mother's day. I was busy being MOM.

I did have flowers on the dining room table, that I arranged in an old pottery vase. My flowers came from the grocery store. I do love being able make my own arrangements. 

That evening we moved the flowers to the family room where we have been enjoying them.

During the week before Mother's Day we had been busy in the yard, and then I took photos. Here are some of the Mother's Day flowers outside. 

Scarlet Pimpernel tulips

Princess Irene Parrot tulips

On the front porch, the Lewisias are blooming. 

We still have a few Rhododendrons in the yard. May is Rhodie month. 

Loderi King George is a fragrant rhodie with huge flowers. 

There's more, but that's enough for today. We are going to have a sunny week. I'll see you later in the garden. 


  1. I love the scent of lilacs. I missed my bush blossoming last year.

  2. What an amazing flower display for Mother's day. Love the lilacs but that King George rhodie is amazing.

  3. Jill has the same color lilac as I have. My lilac is right beside the sidewalk so people help themselves to some lilac.

  4. Wow! Your yard is so incredibly beautiful and I know you work hard to ensure it is kept that way. I've not heard of Lewisias before and will have to look for them at one of better gardening centers.

  5. Beautiful flowers! Glad you had a good time with your family.

  6. Those are wonderful flowers, both inside and out. Thanks for sharing your Mother's Day with me. :-)

  7. I love how you arrange flowers in your home in special places and vases - and of course - your fantastic garden. Can't wait to see pictures of your wisteria soon!

  8. That is an amazing bunch of Lilacs!! And I love your arrangement of roses and berries. You make the best arrangements.

  9. Thanks for making this post. Those are wonderful flowers! I am searching for this only It was amazing 😍. I'm making this for my mother! I love it so much!

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  10. It would be hard to chose flowers for you because you have such an abundance of beauty in your yard.

  11. wow gorgeous flowers, I love lilacs also but can't breathe when I bring them inside. Love the yellow roses and red flowers together. Happy Mother's day!

  12. I'm amazed at all those lilacs. We were lucky to get a half dozen spikes on our bushes.

  13. Wow that last Rhodie is a beauty! Your Princess Irene Tulips are very pretty I recall when you ordered them:)


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