Friday, May 28, 2021

Whidbey Pre-Holiday

 There was a gap in occupancy on the Whidbey Cabin family calendar, so we decided to fill it was a short get away holiday before the official holiday weekend. 

The wind was blowing and the sky was gray when we arrived Tuesday evening, but Tom planted his flags. The T&L Reeders were in residence. 

Wednesday morning, after a slow, vacation style start, we did some work in the cabin garden. Tulips have given way to California poppies and columbine.

In the afternoon we explored an area on the back side of Deer Lagoon where it was reported that the white pelicans, seasonal visitors now, might be hanging out. In all of the years that we have been coming here, we had never found the access to this other lagoon dike or the back water ponds. 

The wild Nootka Roses are in bloom. 

We found the ponds but no pelicans. I wish I had known about this area before. I would have liked to walk much farther, but .... sigh. 

This is our lagoon from the north dike.

From there we visited some favorite places that will be in another post.

Wednesday evening, before going to the next door cabin to visit Tom's cousins, we took a little walk on the beach and on the south dike of our lagoon. 

That's our cabin, the dark brown one second from the left, reflected in a calm lagoon. The wind had finally let up and it was a lovely evening. We were surrounded by bird song and the fragrance of an abundance of wild roses. 

In my next post I'll share some of our island exploring. 

I hope you all have a relaxing, memorable holiday weekend.  


  1. Just beautiful, Linda. I am glad you are able to show people like me how wonderful your place is. Lovely!

  2. I fell in love with California poppies when we went to my step son's wedding in northern CA (years ago now! how time flies).

  3. What a beautiful place! The lagoon photos are stunning - I love how peaceful it looks with the water so still and the roses blooming.

  4. So you sneak out to the cabin and have a couple of quiet pleasant days.

  5. Such a nice place I can smell the wild roses from here!

  6. Those poppies really pop. So pretty. That really is a peaceful place, I felt my BP drop just looking.


  8. Love walking on the beach - cheaper than therapy!

  9. Such a lovely retreat and you both have such great energy to care for it and it shows!!

  10. What a beautiful shot of your cabin from across the water! It would make a wonderful painting.

  11. Hello Linda, I have been a long time visitor to your blog, and I believe you used to visit mine in years past. Tonight, I just happened to pop on and am captivated by your gorgeous photos. I am going to b visiting my sister in Hansville, WA in June. Her location faces Whidbey!! I will look forward to seeing more of the beauty of WA. When I visited WA years ago she was living in West Seattle, and I loved that area so much. They moved first to Poulsbo and now have a glorious place in Hansville. Enjoy your weekend. Marcia (Ms Graysea)

  12. I love how those Nootka roses bloom so beautifully along the walks. What a thoroughly picturesque area.


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