Thursday, September 2, 2021



Several weeks ago we noticed that after a windstorm, this tree was seriously leaning. It's a native dogwood and we knew it had finally died several years ago. We knew it had to come down. Tom said he could cut it down, and I dreaded that, but we kept putting it off.

Then, there it was just being held up by the branches of the fir tree. 

Tom and his little chain saw are not friends. He can never get it to start or keep running. Finally I told him to just go and buy a small electric chainsaw, since he was only going to use it to cut up windfall here in the yard. Yesterday he did that, even having a $10 coupon from ACE Hardware. $55 well spent.

Today was the day. Again, I was nervous. He got a rope on the tree high enough for leverage. I stood by to call the aid car.

On the ground and at a safe angle, he pulled on the rope. Nope. So he began to tug and rock the tree until it broke lose from the fir branches. 

WHAP! It landed just where he wanted it. 

Almost no damage done. 

After lunch it was time to start the clean up. I just watched, because I don't work in the sun.
The new little chain saw worked great - quiet, no gas fumes, light weight, and husky enough to do the job. 
It was getting hot so Tom took a few breaks.
He cleans up as he goes - yard waste bin for the the small stuff, which will be lopped off in the bin, and a tidy little pile of firewood.

After one more cut he quit for today. Well, done Tom.

I only pick flowers. 


  1. That's a great partnership. Tom cuts up trees and you cut flowers. I do like to cut trees because I want everything to have a nice shape, much to the chagrin of my family because they usually do the clean up and trash. I have 3 different chainsaws and already nicked a water pipe with the big one which resulted in a Sunday afternoon of panic and plumbing bills because the pipe was before the house shut off valve.

    My favorite new chainsaw is a very little one that I hold in one hand, battery operated. The blade is only about 4" long but it can cut through branches that are too big for lopping shears. I can climb up a tree and cut branches down close the the base. Love it! It is a good thing that I have a small yard - not a huge one like yours with such grand trees.

  2. Great that things went tickety boo! It's difficult to get trees away from branches of other trees. They don't always go where you want them to go. Good job Tom!

  3. I'm glad the tree fall went smoothly. I'd admit I'd be quite nervous about it too, but obviously Tom knows what he is doing.

    Your flowers are lovely!

  4. Next time I'll hire Tom to cut down a dead alder, instead of spending $1,000 last week.

  5. Nice that all went well. Your flowers are so beautiful. That yellow Dahlia with red tips is amazing!!

  6. wow, I think my hubby would like one of those electric saws too once the temps cool below 100...nice job

  7. Is there anything that Tom can't do? And do it safely and well, That's the thing!
    Chain saws make me so nervous. My son worked for a tree service in college years -- still makes my stomach queasy to think about.
    Glad you included soothing bouquets.;)

  8. Congratulations to Tom on a job well done! :-)

  9. Great job by Tom. Wow. Still you had an important job also--phone handy. And to think that guy works for food and appreciation. You got a bargain.

  10. A lot of work but such pretty flowers. Nature's reward.

  11. I had an electric chain saw of my very own disappeared after I wondered out loud if I put the generator in the wagon behind the three wheeler how much wood I could cut up:) I think I paid $40 for mine second hand so Tom got a good deal! :)

  12. Gorgeous flowers, Linda. I hope he had ear plugs in. That was a ton of work, but he sure is meticulous. Good for him. I felt like I was pulling that tree with him.


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