Friday, June 17, 2022

Projects and Plans


On Wednesday Jill asked us if we wanted to see the new Top Gun movie. We do. She told us to watch the old one first and she would set something up. On Wednesday evening we watched the original Top Gun. By Thursday Jill had arranged for us along with her and Irene to see the new movie on Sunday evening in a theater with recliners. We'll go out for dessert afterwards. We all agreed  that was a better plan than cooking on Father's Day. 

I skipped Tuesday. I think we worked outside some that day. Then in the evening we rode the light rail to the stadium for a Sounders soccer match. We won! It's not easy for me to get around but we go early, eat there in the club section, and don't have many steps to our seats. I manage. I'll go as long as I can.  

We have had yard projects every day. On Wednesday We trimmed the plants on the wall along the driveway. It took about three hours, divided up between morning and afternoon. I used the electric hedge trimmer and did all of the trimming. Tom did the picking up and weed pulling. It looks tidy and that's another annual project done.

On Thursday it was time for me to defrost the old freezer in the garage while Tom went after binder weed along the fence row.  I got the freezer emptied, put in pans of hot water, and went to do my PT. An hour later the freezer was free of ice, and the process went smoothly until I turned the freezer back on. Oh no. Long story short, we got the freezer to work well enough to keep our food frozen, but in the mean time we were off to Lowes to order one of the few freezers they had in stock, which will be delivered in a week and a half. It was time for our 42 year old freezer to be retired. We just hope it has another 10 days left in it. 

Today, Friday, I went off to breakfast while To supervised the crew we hired to trim our holly hedge. Yes, we are old, and it was time to hire out some hard jobs. As I type now, Tom has just come in to get the check book. They are done already and it's only 1:00!

I did check in with them when I got home from breakfast. 

New freezers and yard help are expensive, but what a relief to be done with two annual jobs we no longer want to or are able to do ourselves. No more defrosting with a new freezer, and the hedge trimming will be hired out from now on. 

And of course I had to appreciate my garden while I was outside in the cool, gentle drizzle. 

Columbine plant themselves wherever they want. I guess these thought those fake flowers needed some competition. Accidental garden combinations are sometimes the best. 


  1. I now hire out for jobs around the house - except for gardening and lawn work. I really love to play in my garden and weed and trim.

  2. Sorry about your old freezer dying. Hopefully it limps along until the new one arrives.
    It's very sensible to hire help for difficult jobs around the yard. Nice to get that hedge trimmed.

  3. Getting someone else to do challenging tasks is going through my head. It's hard to let go of some things as you know you are losing some independence.

  4. We have a yard service now. I liked doing it but too strenuous now that I'm older.

  5. I love columbines. And it's good you are getting some help with the harder tasks. A new freezer sounds like a great idea!

  6. I hire some yard work done now (still mow) and frankly, I really enjoy watching someone else work:)

  7. Amazed that you are in Columbine season! Ours are all dried and gone to seed. I love them though. I agree that you two are physically more active than many younger than you, and helping to employ others is a good thing.

  8. Love the columbine! Hiring out the most difficult work is a benefit, not only to you and Tom, but to those who do the work.
    Hope the old freezer hangs in there until the new one arrives.

  9. 42 years! That freezer owes you nothing but I do ope it is generous enough to last ten more days.

  10. Hope your freezer lasts a few more days! Ours is about ready to bite the dust too. I can just tell. I am checking it twice a day!! Such pretty flowers! Some jobs are better off hired!

  11. Your plants and flowers are so beautiful! I too am hiring for projects that I no longer feel capable (or want) to do. I'm afraid of hurting my back! I haven't minded the cool and drizzle but looks like we're in for some much nicer weather this week.


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