Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The Ongoing Process

 I started my day with a fasting blood draw, six vials. These are tests ordered by my newest neurologist, Dr. Felt. We are working on eliminating, or not, other causes of my motion disabilities. Since meeting with her, I have had a phone appointment with my other neurologist, Dr. Kolostyak, and they are in touch with my neurosurgeon, Dr. Gala, who preformed my two spine surgeries. Together we have decided to proceed with a spinal fluid drain trial. That will happen sometime in the future, when it can get scheduled, and will involve a two day hospital stay. It will hopefully determine if I do have NPH.

Meanwhile I have contacted my primary care doctor, Dr. Lin, and my hip surgeon, Dr. Chen, and have an appointment late in the month with a sports medicine doc, Dr. Becker, for an injection under ultrasound to treat my hip tendonitis. 

I'm glad I have Tom to help me remember it all. He sits in on all of my appointments and medical phone conversations.

We have had a few dry days and we've been getting yard work done. We have our first roses in bloom!

This Rugosa rose was first to bloom but I missed it. Even in decline it's pretty. 
We were sitting in our recliners in the family room the other day when we noticed that our hummingbirds were back. We seem to have a pair that frequent our feeder or flowers, usually flowers, and the fuchsia that Jill gave me for Mother's Day  is now attracting them right outside our window. 
Twice a day, once to get the newspaper, and once to get the mail, I walk around the corner of the garage and out the long driveway to the street. Each year these self-seeded yellow Colorado Columbine return to grow and bloom in the gravel and light up my path. 

The sun is muted in a white sky today, but it is still bright and warmish. It will be another day to do some work in the garden and appreciate all of the beauty of June and everything that lights up my convoluted  path. 


  1. I hope you get well soon - and that it is an easy and acceptable solution.

  2. I sure hope they figure it all out and get you back into the activity level you are used to. Love the roses!

  3. I hope the tests you're undergoing will give you some concrete answers. It's always good to have someone with you at appointments.

    The roses are gorgeous!

  4. I follow your medical journey very closely. Since my mid fifties there's been a small balance issue with me and of course gets worse with age. I have never really complained about it . Sooner or later it will have to be investigated but then it might be too late. All the best to you in this journey.

  5. Beautiful flowers -- nice to see on this very rainy day here, even without the scent. I am glad you have good medical care and an ally and advocate to attend appointments with you.

  6. My goodness your dance card is full of doctors. Six different docs is a lot to keep up with. Glad you have an appointment secretary and note taker in Tom. This is one of these cases where two minds are helpful. Hope they can figure this out and fix you soon.

  7. I especially like your yellow Columbines. I seem to have no luck growing that colour.
    The roses are lovely. It's raining here and I had wanted to work outside but I guess it won't happen today.

  8. How good to have Tom as your support and advocate.

  9. Good that you are finally seeing some Doctors and hopefully get to the bottom of your issues. Beautiful flowers!


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