Monday, June 27, 2022


 It's another day for wilting roses. And punishing peonies.

This was two days ago. They just fully opened, but now they are fading fast. 

It's 85 at noon, and climbing.

Yesterday when we got our new freezer delivered it was close to 90 at 3:30. We had to make a few calls to get a response but did get the delivery guy to give us a ten minute warning to get the old freezer emptied of the frozen food and stored in such a way that it could hold for an hour or so. The old freezer was still doing its job. I said farewell to it as it disappeared down the driveway. They don't make them like they used to. Those plastic door shelves are narrow and those plastic bins don't begin to hold what my old metal cage held. New is certainly not  always improved, but at least it should be reliable for as long as we need it. 

Last week, when it was cool, we spent three days, two nights at the cabin on Whidbey Island. We did the usual gardening chores, spent time reading and relaxing, and did some island exploring on South Whidbey Island. I have photos, of course. I'll split them into two batches. Here is Part 1.

The California poppies have gone wild. We did some editing. 

The bread seed/opium poppies are nearly done. We'll let them shed their seed for next year. All of these poppies, columbine, and Rose Campion are self sown. 

Some of the beach neighbors have flowers too. We took time to smell the roses down at the end of the road on our evening stroll. 

It took all afternoon for the sky to clear on Wednesday.
Back at our garden. We got about half of the editing done on Wednesday. 

The sky cleared for the sunset. 

Thursday morning we finished the job. Yes sir, yes sir, four bags full. All for the yard waste dump to be turned into compost. 

After some cleanup up and cool down, we were off to Langley for coffee.
And paying a visit to the village.

I had a few coins to make the whale sing. It did!

Long ago now Tom's parent retired to Langley and were well known in the village. Some people there still remember them. Jill struck up a re-acquaintance with the village glass blower, Rona, and we decided it was time to stop in and say "Hi" to. We reminisced and appreciated her work and I decided it was time to purchase a small piece. 
We filled it with lavender from the cabin garden. Now it sits on my kitchen table with a single pink rose. Another treasure with a story, it will be passed on. 

Tom's photos of the glass finials on the sculpture garden gate posts. 

There was time for sitting and reading and beach walking later in the day.

That's Mt Rainier playing peekaboo in the distance. 

I finally got this ready to post. It's 3:30 and now 91 degrees outside, a good day for indoor activities. It got hot enough for our air conditioner, which is set at 75, to kick in downstairs. Up here where I am it's 78.9. Time to hit publish and go downstairs. I'll be back. Tomorrow will cool off.   


  1. Thanks for taking us along on your trip to the cabin. The blue glass sculpture at the gate makes me think you never get hail there. Linda in Kansas

  2. For a person who uses a cane, you cover a lot of territory. Changing appliances is a tough job. Looks like you got it done. Our freezer is a 1970 model.

  3. Such pretty flowers! I am glad our latest heat wave has passed. We got up to 83 here in Bellingham yesterday. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures. You look great, BTW.

  4. We had a John Deere lawn tractor for over 25 years and it currently resides with a collector of all things John Deere. The quality of the replacement one was startlingly disappointing. I sold it when I moved into the condo but I would bet money it is no longer running. New but not improved.
    I am very fond of California poppies. They just make me happy.

  5. The sea of poppies made me happy. Love orange and those glass sculptures were really eye catching. Four bags of yard waste?? Well done. Glad you have A/C to combat those temps. .

  6. Poppies are one of my favorites because they remind me of my Mom's garden in Colorado and they are hard to grow out here in the EAst, because it is too wet. Our peonies were finished weeks ago and they do not last as well, because of our heat.

  7. The gardens at the cabin are simply beautiful. I love the poppies, the lavender and the pinks all together.
    I do agree that appliances are not built as they once were. My mother's dryer lasted 35 years, I've replaced mine twice in that amount of time.

  8. The gardens there are stunning! I love all the Poppies! The roses too...all so pretty!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous flowers. I love the California poppies. Tom took awesome photos. I wish I could have a stand alone freezer.


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