Monday, June 13, 2022

The Luck of the Draw

New table flowers this morning. I have a lot of flowers in my garden but most are not good for cutting. I bought purple chrysanthemums at the grocery store and added Lady's Mantle from the garden. 

 It's high school graduation season and this June our families have a bunch of them. Fortunately we don't have to go to the graduation ceremonies, they are limited ticket only, but we do go to some of the parties. On Saturday we attended Sophie's party. She is the granddaughter of Tom's cousin Martha, and they are all part of the Whidbey Island "Phosie-Gertie" bunch. It was a mostly sunny day with mild temps and we sat outside and visited. We had a good time and the graduate and her family were very pleased that we showed up.

Showing up is important. When you get old it's easy to think HS graduation isn't a big deal, but then you remember back to your own and then your own kids, and you realize that it is a big milestone in one's life. 

On Sunday we attended my great nephew's grad party. The day was chilly and drizzly, but fortunately the two families  hosting had booked a lovely indoor/outdoor venue. Again we heard "I'm so glad you came!" Both parties involved quite a bit of driving, but as I said, showing up is important.

My niece Katie, the grad's mother , took photos.

The graduate Hans with his grandma Laurie, my sister.
Hans with us.

Isaac and Irene were there too for their cousin. That's Katie, taking the selfie. 

Jill wasn't there because she was up in the mountains. She was in charge of the "Experience Field Trip for the Mountaineers Alpine Scrambling Course." On Saturday, that warm, sunny day, Irene was with her and taking the course, which she passed. This event had been rained out the weekend before and the Saturday group lucked out this time. Jill joined the climb with Irene.

Yes, there are people just nearing the top. This is what "scrambling" looks like. It's not for the old or the faint of heart. The leaders got their students to the top.
Tom loved this pic of Jill helping the guys cross the swiftly flowing stream. 
I loved this photo of Jill and Irene at the top. They are mountain women!
Of course Sunday wasn't quite so pleasant. Irene came home to go to the party, but Jill had more students to guide. Even in the drizzle she had fun though. Mountaineers are tough. 
It's cloudy, chilly, and blustery today, but it's housework and laundry day so it's OK. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunnier and milder. We have a Sounders match at the stadium in the evening. Looks like we'll get the luck of the draw. 


  1. Replies
    1. This isn't Jill's job. She is an elementary PE teacher. This is her passion, an avocation, and all volunteer.

  2. Pretty flowers! We didn't have anyone graduating this year...well Savannah from college. Next year my brothers children start graduating from High School! Then there will be someone almost every year for a long time! Wow that scrambling looks scary to me...yeah for Jill and Irene! The are wonderful Mountain women!!

  3. Finishing high school is an important milestone and it's important that everybody acknowledges it. Well. I've done my scrambling but I didn't take a course.

  4. What wonderful visits and amazing views! Linda in Kansas

  5. Beautiful flowers on your table. Beautiful photos of various members of your extended family. Jill & Irene are amazing.

  6. Thanks for the pictures of the scrambling crew. I used to do that, but not any more! We've been alternating rain with sun for weeks now, it seems.

  7. Such a good looking strong family! Graduations are indeed milestones in life.

  8. Those mountain trips look inspiring and I miss my hiking days in the mountains. I was never as adventurous as these young ladies. I am so glad they name your great nephew Hans...he could have no other name!

  9. Nice pictures of your family and the mountain, which is too arduous for me. Love your bouquet! Gigi Hawaii

  10. That Jill is really something! Beautiful and smart, and Irene is following right along in her footsteps...but look what great parents, and grandparents were involved. Hans is such a handsome young man. What a nice, special family you are. Good to see that handsome Isaac too. Oh, the purple mums and green Lady's Mantle are breathtaking!


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