Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Cold and Wet


In Tom's trip out to the greenhouse yesterday, he discovered that the Paper Whites Jill gave me for Christmas are blooming so he brought them in. They smell heavenly. 

After warm days, then cooler sunny days, our weather has now turned cold and wet. Jake was over yesterday to help Tom prune the hazelnut trees that border our property.

If it stops raining long enough I hope to be able to get out to help him cut them up into lengths to be hauled to the dump in a borrowed pickup truck. No hurry now. 

I found Tom outside checking his green house and then watering his over-wintering bonsai and potted up stuff under the hoop covers.

After our Zoom meeting this morning I have been killing time. After reading blog posts, I decided to look up Taylor Swift. She is such a phenom and I had never heard any of her songs. I listened to a few.

I watched much of the Grammy Awards on Sunday, and I have decided that we don't have many real singers anymore. We have music performers. Taylor Swift is one of those. But she does perform her own songs, written by her, and her lyrics are complex. I do find it hilarous that the MAGA folks find her a threat. Maybe she's just smarter than they are. 

Project Me has had a setback. Something I did has reactivated my sacroiliitis. Ouch. Well, I can still ride my stationary bike. Time to get to it. 


  1. I love the smell of paper whites. I think we call them narcissus for Chinese New Year. Too bad they don't last - though my garden center told me to plant the bulbs in a pot and they will come out and bloom again next year. I tried that, and sure enough the green leaves emerged. I put them in a cup with water and stones. Most of them rotted, but one is still hanging on. I am hoping for flowers soon!

  2. Ow to your recurring back pain. I do hope it clears up soon so you can get back to Project Me (Linda of course).

  3. Tom looks as if he is soaking wet.

  4. The Paper Whites are a spot of relief from cold and wet.

  5. Lovely flowers. I agree with you about Taylor Swift.

  6. Ms Swift is way smarter than MAGATS, but it's a low bar.......

  7. Lovely flowers and you must have a nice smell in the house. Tom looks always busy outside! I hope you’ll feel better this week!

  8. Your paperwhites are gorgeous, Linda. And ouch on your sacroiliac. I just don't understand the MAGA cult. I really don't.


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