Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Valentines Day


Tom is out working in the garden, potting up plants he dug out of the bed we were renewing.

I helped transplant new stuff. Tom still has to straighten out the edge. 

While he got all of the prunings loaded and hauled away, I planted the primroses in pots on the front porch and did some cleaning up there.

I made a quick trip to the grocery store this morning to get a few things for dinner. We'll be dining in, I'm cooking, Tom will assist. Dessert is from the store. 

When Tom comes in from the garden, we will go for a short walk. At least I will attempt to walk. I seem to be getting worse all the time. But my dear partner will go with me and we'll do what we can do. That's how it is now as we grow old together. 

Wishing you much love on this Valentin's Day.


  1. Your primroses are gorgeous, Linda. Happy Valentines Day to you and Tom. Good for you to keep moving and exercising your muscles and joints. Gosh! I need to get moving too.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, enjoy your time with Tom.
    The primroses look so lovely in their planters. They definitely bring a smile.

  3. I'm sorry you seem to be getting worse all the time. Don't give up.
    Your Primroses are a lovely spot of colour on your front steps.

  4. You and Tom are a poster couple for Valentine's day.

  5. As a grade one teacher , Valentine's day must have been full of excitement for you and the kids.

  6. Happy Valentine to you. We had a dinner at home last night.
    We walked a lot on Sunday It was quite hard and I walk very slowly I should go back to my trade mill everyday but it is boring. When we walk I have my stick and my husband’s arm.
    Your primroses are of beautiful Colors , you are ready for Spring!

  7. Happy Valentine's Day, Linda. It would have my mother in law's 109th birthday Feb 14.

  8. Yes, we are all growing old together. I've known you for decades now, friend. And now I'm an octogenarian! :-)

  9. I wish you luck with your surgery and hope that you can have it done sooner rather than later.


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