Saturday, February 17, 2024

Fun or Interesting.

 Yesterday at breakfast one of our friends started us off by asking, "Did anyone do anything fun or interesting?"

There was a silent pause, so I spoke up, "We got a new dishwasher this week." Everyone laughed. I guess a dishwasher is neither fun nor interesting, but when you are old, it just might have to do. It did generate some conversation before it sparked something else and we moved on.

That dishwasher was delivered on Monday, in a box, uninstalled. 

Tom and Jake were going to do that. Apparently the directions were less than clear and much discussion ensued, along with considerable frustration. I opted to go upstairs and check in later. It took several hours, but apparently all was well as I reemerged for lunch.

Three days later, when we ran it for the first time, it was so quiet Tom wasn't sure it was working. But it did, no leaks, and clean dishes.

Otherwise it was just an ordinary week. Tom worked outside when he could. I'm not sure what I did but I was always busy. I did decide it was time to have  surgery again, a knee replacement on my right knee. After exhausting all other possible causes, I have decided, with previous hints from my Docs, that my poorly functioning knee is partly a cause for my poor mobility. I emailed my sugreon, heard back from his office, and I guess I will have to wait longer than I want. I have a preliminary appointment for April 3rd. 

The rain held off again today and we were both outside doing clean up. I raked up debris from the last wind storm, and Tom spent a lot of time in the garden trimming and grooming and cleaning up, a lot of the work I used to do when I was more able.

He does get to rest now and then.
Opps. Looks like he left his coffee cup out in the garden.  I do tease him about working with his coffee cup in his hand. Never was my style.
There was just enough sun to open up the first ranunculus today.
Daffodils won't be far behhind. 

Spring emerging in the garden is both fun and interesting. 


  1. Your guys are good handymen! Thank you for you kind comments on my blog, I appreciate them and you! Spring has come to your part of the country!

  2. Your dishwasher and garden look lovely! Get all those tough chores done before surgery! Linda in Kansas

  3. I hope you don't have to wait too long for knee surgery. I'm told that here the wait is very long for any elective surgery.
    Tom has those flowerbed edges all tidy. It's all looking good.

  4. Wow! You all installed that dishwasher on your own?!? That is awesome! We were lucky we have a plumber friend who came and did it for us. I think that's definitely a fun and interesting project to mention.

  5. Yes, a new dishwasher is exciting to talk about. Glad yours works well. Good luck with the knee surgery.

  6. It definitely seems a long time until April, but hopefully the surgery happens quickly after that.
    I do love seeing the spring plants emerging from their winter sleep.

  7. Sounds like a good dishwasher! And it seems to be working without any problems. Good on those two for doing it all.

  8. My son in law asks me the same question every week. He doesn't have to say anything but I know what he's thinking. Life gets pretty slow. I would not like to live in a senior residence as it doesn't look good in there.

  9. Nowadays my life is far too interesting but not really fun. I need to learn to chill out more and not get so involved or fight for what I think is right. After all, just because I think it is right doesn't necessarily make it right, right?

    Congrats on a new dishwasher that was installed well! And your garden is always interesting no matter the season.

  10. Linda, that question "fun or interesting" is asked a lot. Sometimes it's more interesting than fun... and usually these days it has to do with health. My close friend and I don't see each other as much now that I'm not driving and she's had several surgeries, but we talk and text.... and generally it's about health or family or books we've read (sometimes cooking - although since her surgery, she doesn't do much herself, so I tell her about mine). Our 'not so interesting' news recently was putting in a new Nest doorbell - not exactly exciting, but its all I had. (ha!)

  11. Today was not a fun and interesting day for me! Water leak plumber bill to pay, the lawnmower robot had to be repaired more bill to pay a bad week start! Tom’s garden edge is very straight and nice!
    I hope you won’t have to wait too long for your knee surgery, here it takes a long, long time.
    Nice silent dishwasher 😆


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