Friday, February 23, 2024

Sun And Rain

 "Rainful rain, sun and rain, find my way in nature's chain." - Garden Song, John Denver

Sun when we arrived on Whidbey Island on Tuesday afternoon.
Clouds and rain while we gardened on Wednesday.

Sun again on Thursday when we finished up a bit of garderning and took time to play and relax before packing up to come home.

There were ducks and herons in the lagoon. 

There was coffee and strolling in Langley. We found flowers. 

There was a short walk on the lagoon dike while Tom collected some wild rose starts, hopefully to eventually grow on in our cabin garden. We are trying to go more native. 

Pussy willows already blooming out. 

With the garden tidy and weeded, hopefully the tulips will stay ahead of the weeds until we return, 

Gardening never stays done.

We had a great little getaway, one much needed by me. 


  1. Gardening is interesting because it never stays done,

  2. I'm especially loving your purple flowers, Linda. We had sun this afternoon and then a shower with rainbows followed by rain. Keeps life interesting. Looks like spring is around the corner for you all.

  3. The same can be said about housework, though I'd prefer gardening. The sun photos are lovely, and I'm sure the rain is welcomed by the new growth.

  4. I saw snowdrops and pussy willows opening up on my walk yesterday. It's definitely getting to be spring! Love your flowers.

  5. "Gardening never stays done." One of the truest truths of all.

  6. Nice that you had some sunshine while you were there. Not much sunshine in the forecast for our coming week.

  7. And yardwork never stays done. I'm getting tired of raking leaves from the same area. :) That was such a pretty walk and the garden looks all neat and clean. The flowers in your header are so colorful and pretty, they don't look real.

  8. It is such a nice place I would have stayed longer 😆 ! Nice that you had no rain, here the rain don’t stop!

  9. It's always a joy to see the scenery in the Pacific Northwest.

  10. The Bergenia is so pretty! Gardening is a full time job! Your garden looks very nice:)

  11. That area is beautiful and the fact that you have two lovely places to live is certainly inspiring.


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