Thursday, February 1, 2024

Raindrops On Snowdrops


The snowdrops bloomed. No snow, just rain.

It's hard to believe it was a whole week ago since I last posted. Where did that week go?

On Friday there was breakfast out and grocery shopping. Then I was on the computer and the phone making plans and reservations for my 80th birthday celebration in July. Booking lodging and park entrance for Paradise Inn in Mount Rainier National Park is tricky these day. We managed to get two rooms for one night. The rest of the month was already sold out. 

On Saturday we attended our planning meeting and lunch for the Joyful Gardeners garden club. We are booked to host in March. 

On Sunday we walked, I fixed a nice dinner, and I was disappointed that the Detroit Lions lost their playoff football game.With Kansas City and San Francisco in the Super Bowl,  I don't care who wins. 

The hellebore and hardy cyclamen are beginning to bloom. Tom continues to work in the garden when the rain stops, as it has this afternoon. 

Monday was the usual laundry and house cleaning, plus I had a dentist appointment.

On Tuesday I started the day with a physical therapy appointment. My therapist, Erica, continues to try to think of ways that might help me walk better. Now we are trying weights on my left wrist to try to teach my brain to support that side better. I ordered weights from Amazon, and have been trying them out. 

This is eight pounds. 

Wednesday I walked with weights, worked out on my stationary bike, and paid the bills. 

Today we went to Costco, and dodging carts while shopping was my exercise for today, along with weighted walking. Costco has beautiful primroses for a good price, so we bought a flat. We'll keep them under cover for a few weeks to let some of the heavy rain pass by before we plant them in the front porch planters. 

And now the first day of February is fading. Tomorrow will be a usual Friday, and there are no plans for the weekend. But we have some dry days now, so I will try to be outside.

Happy Heart Month!



  1. What fun that you and Art will be turning 80 together in July. I'm loving all your flowers. I wish we had snowdrops in Hawaii. We must be thinking alike. Art and I were at Costco today too. :-)

  2. I love your pretty flowers. And glad to hear you are doing well and working on getting your mojo back! Happy Heart Month back at ya.

  3. The flowers should raise the spirits of anyone. I believe that Physio therapy can do wonders. You are doing as much as they tell you and it will work.

  4. The new header of the primroses is beautiful; the colours are so vibrant. The blooms in your garden are more subdued but so lovely to see.
    I'm sure your efforts to improve your walking will pay off.

  5. Spring is in the air. We have Florida snow growing in lawns -- pretty little flowers but when they are done we are left with viny ground weeds that are a tripping hazard.
    I admire your grit around your mobility. It can't be at all easy, but you have a pretty positive attitude and determination that has to make a difference.

  6. I don’t go much in the garden because of the rain, but o saw hellebores ( some are dead because of the heat) the Camélias are nearly in bloom. You ´re very busy! I will have dentist appointment this week too and hair cut. Happy heart ♥️ month to both of you!

  7. This February is also Chinese New Year welcoming in the year of the Dragon. My baby granddaughter was born 3 weeks early, so she is still considered a Rabbit, but I will go with the annual year rather than the Chinese year and consider her a dragon, like me!

  8. Your hellebores are so pretty and the snowdrops are obviously happy. I wish they'd grow and be happy here, in my garden. You seem to keep quite busy. It makes time fly by.

  9. What beautiful snowdrops and hellebores, dull grey day here so no outside gardening, but loads of catalogues to look at and plan.


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