Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Winter Sun


It snowed a little bit yesterday. It didn't freeze though so this morning when I went out to the street to get the newspaper it was not slippery. The winter sun was struggling to warm us up.

It's a good thing early blooming flowers know how to survive unexpected snow.
The primroses on the porch were not happy.

Tete a tete daffodils are blooming now.

These are not mine. I took this photo on Whidbey Island last week. My mini daffs are a bit bedraggled today.

We started today with our regular Zoom meet up. We began this during the pandemic, and since one of our friends now lives in Maine, we have kept it up. Today we talked about quilts. You never know where the conversation will go. 

After that Tom and I went for a walk over at our little neighborhood park. I got my mile in again. As much as it is hard work, I make myself move, and I really enjoyed the cold, fresh air. 

Now Tom has returned home from running some errands, I've read your blogs and posted mine, so it is time for lunch. 

 Outside the sun is losing to winter. 


  1. The weather is so unreliable...even more than usual I find. Your Primroses will hopefully be okay under that light snow.

  2. Thé weather is so uncertain nowadays, two nights ago we had another storm again.
    Today I have left the house and went shopping and to new fruit and vegetable shop and got what I needed for the week.
    The weather is mild but the wind is cold, but the days are longer. Bees 🐝 were buzzing yesterday hope Spring arrives soon!

  3. Today has been windy and wet, although yesterday was cold and calm. Go figure. I saw an open daffodil here and I was so pleased to see it!

  4. Brrrr! Cold toilet seats! But it will soon be warmer and alive and blooming with Spring. That makes it all worthwhile.

  5. I'm afraid my daughter's tulips in Chicago probably died with the last sudden chill. It's was 72 one day and below freezing the next.


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