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Friday, July 14, 2017

The Pageant Continues: Summer Lunch Party

The Friday Breakfast Group isn't just for breakfast. Sometimes we have lunch.

I really wanted to share our garden, and I really wanted to bake my favorite birthday cake for myself and have someone to share it with.  I don't know any more appreciative guests than the lovely people we share breakfast with every Friday. 

Jan, Mavis, Colleen, DeDe, her daughter Shari, who is visiting from NY state, Tom, Lela, and my empty chair, since I was behind the camera. 
 We gathered for visiting at 12:00, some toured the garden, and then we shared our potluck lunch, and visited lots more.
 DeDe and I almost share a birthday, so I gave her the cake. She turned 90 on Wednesday. Next to her is her long time friend Mavis, also 90.  Everyone informed DeDe that she would have to share the cake. She did. 
We eventually moved back into the shade as the day warmed up, heading for 80 degrees. Before we knew it it was almost 5:00!  

My actual birthday is Monday, the 17th. My family will be off to scout camps and mountain climbing. Tom and I will spend the day in the city. But before then there will be more playing. We have gardens to visit on the weekend. Let the pageant continue. 


  1. Sounds wonderful. I just texted my children I am starved for good uninterrupted conversation. If I meet anyone to talk to Bob immediately begins talking over me with conversational drivel, or he interrupts me constantly saying we have to go. Your party looks absolutely wonderful to me.

  2. You find the most interesting spots to visit. Enjoy !!

  3. no better way to celebrate a birthday than with friends.

  4. What a nice gathering. I have a friend who refers to May as her "birthday month" so that the festivities are not confined to just a single day. And why not?

  5. fun times with good friends, happy birthday in a few days...we'll be off on a cool vacation to Colorado-leaving today. It was 108 here yesterday...

  6. They sure look good for their age, Linda. So do you! Happy Almost Birthday. :-)

  7. It is so neat that you all have kept that bond going with your Friday tradition. Dee Dee is looking good and really looks pleased with the cake. Well done.

  8. Hope your birthday is spectacular, dear Linda! Nice of DeDe to share the cake.


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