Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gardens of Vashion Island

Here are two more gardens we saw on Sunday's tour. This first garden is just two years old. A retired couple bought the house with just an empty hillside in front of it. This house definitely calls for some decorative surroundings, but they've got their work cut out for them with hillside gardening. A deer fence surrounds the planted area.
This house has a masterpiece garden, and it sits on a hillside overlooking a great view of a boat harbor. It also has a deer fence.
Next door is a lavender field. They were celebrating Lavender Days and the field was full of people picking bunches of lavender. The fragrance wafted over to perfume the air as we strolled through the garden.
We've been dealing with moles in our garden this week, but I think that's a lot easier than building a deer fence! And so far that bunny has not been munching in my vegetable patch.


  1. wow how lush and beautiful. good idea with a deer fence to keep them from eating all that landscaping work. just beautiful.

  2. Love the house and the gardens! Marvelous colors! Fun tour, thanks for taking us along!

  3. Beautiful! I guess this is a good time of year to be looking at them with all the flowers.

  4. I'd say the hillside garden home is looking pretty dang good for pnly a two year investment. Gosh! Your climate is so conducive to great gardening... not that I don't appreciate the planning and hard work that it takes there... but, planning and hard work just wouldn't produce those kind of results in our area of the country. sob!

    This has been a gorgeous outing! Thanks for taking us along.


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