Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mountain Wild Flowers

Besides the flowers on the alpine meadows, there were plenty to admire along the roadsides. When we stopped at Reflection Lake, we took time to walk along the road and admire their beauty. Valerian. Marsh Marigold
Shooting Star
Orange Paintbrush and Lupine
Mountain Daisy and Lupine
Lewis Monkeyflower
Bear Grass Lily
Tiger Lily
Merten's Bluebells
Thistle and Paintbrush
Sitka Columbine
Yellow Monkeyflower growing at the mouth of a water runoff pipe.


  1. breathtaking colors and variety, thanks for the tour

  2. How do you know so much about flower names? Awesome!

  3. I am always amazed at the variety of flowers- shape, color, etc.
    Your walk was certainly full of beauty.

  4. I love the alpine wildflowers. A whole meadow is quite breathtaking. MB

  5. I love that you named the flowers Linda, I need to get a guide book to wild flowers. I always stop to pick a flower and stick it in a book to keep while hiking.

    I have wanted to get tiger lilies for the yard..that Lewis Monkey flower is lovely..and that's valerian? Well I need to get up there, summer flowers abound now, I see..

  6. I think what is even more impressive than your lovely flower shots is that you actually know the names of all of them!

  7. What gorgeous and exquisite flowers! And your photos are fantastic! What a wonderful variety of flowers and colors! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  8. I really like the last shot!!

    nature is persistent and always offers up beauty


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