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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sounders Fans

Soccer is HOT in Seattle, and today it was even hotter. Sounders FC played the conference leading Huston Dynamo a XBOX Pitch / Qwest Field. Tickets are hard to come by. I bought ours over a month ago, when they opened up a new section. Over 32,000 fans pack the lower levels of the stadium for every home match. The game was at 1:00 this afternoon. We left early, leaving the driving to Metro. We joined Jake and Tad at Swannies for brunch. This is the "headquarters" (read watering hole) for the North End Supporters, of which Jake is a charter member. We were enlisted to post the colors. Ninety minutes before the start of the match, the Sound Wave, the team band, meets supporters in Occidental Park, Pioneer Square, for a rally and the march to the pitch.
It's a sea of rave green in the stadium, even in the newly opened section in the south end. We blended in.
32,000 fans can make a lot of noise, especially when our team scores. Then the Mylar confetti floats down, glittering in the sunlight.
Jake and Tad urged the team on from the north end, opposite the field from us.
The result was what the crowd cheered for, a victory, and a firm hold on second place in the conference.
Much of the crowd stayed on to acknowledge the team. The Emerald City Supporters in the south end continued their cheers and chants.
Jake and Tad stayed to pay tribute to the team in the north end. We kept an eye on them through our zoom lens.
It was about 85 by mid afternoon, and we had been sitting in sun. Then we made our way to the bus stop for the bus ride home. By the time we made it back to Southcenter Mall, we were ready for refreshment.
An iced chocolate coffee crunch at Seattle's Best Coffee did the trick.
We don't go to many live sporting events, usually watching on TV at home. But once in a while, it's good to experience the real thing. What an amazing atmosphere at these soccer matches. What a great day!


  1. I love seeing these photos of you, Linda. I'm not a sports fan but I lived the excitement vicariously through you. Yae!

  2. looks like a fun exciting day and your team won and it didn't rain. what more could you ask for? fun colors!

  3. lol, I was driving through Seattle just when the game let out,, wow, I scrambled to get outta there, but took shots through my window..ended up at Cyclops for some food,, wow, their burgers on Brioche looked good, but I had a light meal, shrimp..and a margarita ( Cyclops) this was on 1st near the Needle.
    I love the City, I need to go there more often. I can't wait till the Sounder has more Seattle stops. I can catch it a few blocks from home..

    ....And it would be nice if it ran later in the night.. Hey, Linda, did you see the lightening and sunset last night, OMG!

  4. An iced chocolate coffee crunch...mmmm!
    What great photos of a grand adventure!!

  5. I have been to only a few sporting events (other than when my boys were playing), but always enjoyed it. The entusiasm of the crowd is contageous.

  6. What fun! I'm writing to say hello as I saw you on a fellow blogger's site: love your sweet peas! I remember seeing tons of them at Pike Place and now own a commemorative poster from 1981.
    Lovely blog--I'll be back.
    p.s. I'm a loyal and lifelong Dem too :O)


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