Friday, July 10, 2009

Salt Or Medication, That Is the Question

Today, on my doctors orders, I attended a blood pressure clinic/class. My blood pressure has been in the threshold range for a while now and my doctor thinks I should go on medication. I have been reluctant to start down that path. So what am I supposed to do instead? Exercise - good. I do, usually. Lose weight - OK, I would like to, and can try harder. Give up salt - no, not OK. I can not imagine not salting my food when I cook it, and having the salt shaker on the table as well. Food without salt is not worth eating. Oh, that might help with the weight loss, though. Hmmmm. I'm thinking if it comes to a choice, the pill might just win over the loss of my salt shaker.


  1. It's all what you get used to...I was drinking skim milk from the age of 10 back in the days when it wasn't as popular. Now, I can't imagine drinking real milk! How about cutting down slowly[ kind of like quitting smoking] and see if you can deal with it. Otherwise...This is America! Your choice, by golly!

  2. I have to say I'm with you. I don't suffer from high blood pressure but I'm hanging onto my salt shaker as long as possible.

    I understand losing weight really does make a difference.

    My advice would be to investigate some of the medications. It's been our experience with Bob that Drs. quickly use too much BP medication. That seems to be their answer to every problem, more BP medication.

    Apparently they're multi-tasked little pills, as in brings down your BP and helps something else.

    In our recent episode with Bob's health I learned he was on 3 BP medications. His BP went too low so they took him off 2 of them. His BP now runs something like 122/60 on the one medication.

    I think cardiologists are prone to giving too much. They want Bob's below 120. When his gets that low he can hardly drag himself across the room.

  3. Ah, the medical profession! They never make it easy, do they?

    Have a great weekend -- watch that salt!

  4. salt is easier to give up and loosing weight is definitely best. I'm taking 2 meds for blood pressure and they make you very tired. if you can do without and control your bp-do it. we find using ground pepper on stuff helps and use little salt these days. good luck!

  5. Art was just put on blood pressure medication. The cardiologist yesterday told him that because his blood pressure has not be controlled for such a long time, the walls of his heart were thick which is NOT good. Yikes. However, he's on the smallest dose of blood pressure medication and it seems to be helping. We're trying to be careful to not have too much salt but it's hard because my mom does most of the cooking and she loves her salt, too.

  6. Hey Linda, I agree. Food does not taste good without salt. We are Norquists and come by it honestly. I'm takind the pill.


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