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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vashion Island's Award Winning Garden

Hidden away in the trees off any main road is this paradise. This garden has won awards and has been featured in many garden publications, and rightly so. This is our third time here. Each time there is some new addition, or some area has been reworked. It is a joy to visit, and it would be wonderful to live in these surroundings, but it's way too much work for us.
The llamas are content to munch and watch.


  1. that is a huge garden and lots of work but so beautiful. thanks for the tour. so much green and water is inviting for a desert dweller like me.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm going to have to try to get there one of these days! This has been such a lovely tour! Thanks for taking us along. Love the llama!

  3. Very beautiful...To much work you say? Duh! I would think you need a whole crew of gardners.
    I am a Reeder also and living just a ferry ride a way well a wee bit more than that.

  4. Wow! My mouth is open with amazement! That is absolutely gorgeous! Fabulous photos, Linda.

  5. sigh.... I am SO covetous right now! I have to remind myself of how much time (and money) a place like that requires. Guess I'l have to content myself with just looking at it.


  6. I am speechless with the beauty and complexity of that garden. But your garden is pretty awesome, too. The earth laughs in flowers. How beautiful!!

  7. Beautiful gardens. Check out my blog for your birthday greeting.
    Happy Birthday

  8. Oh Wow, I'd love a few of those giant hosta leaves to use to imprint birdbaths, beautiful place, thanks for sharing Linda!


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