Friday, July 3, 2009

Short Whidbey Retreat

We're back home in Seattle after a brief stay at the Whidbey cabin. It's hot here in town, 88 today, but the Island is heating up, too. When we crossed over to the mainland by ferry this morning, there was a three hour wait on the other side, with cars lined up all the way up the hill. Some of those were probably cousins headed to the cabin for the holiday weekend. They were expecting a cabin full to overflowing. We had a little less company for our two days, and we prefer it that way. Of course, we tended the garden, profuse now with orange and purple and chartreuse and blue.
We saw an air craft carrier go by out in the shipping channel.
On an evening walk we caught this eagle on it's perch, watching the people and dogs go by.
The days were bright and beautiful, with flags flapping in the breeze.
A low morning tide allowed us to get in a beach walk. Even the beach was quiet, with very few herons. The osprey were a constant though, fishing in the bay.
Double bluff with the Olympics in the background.
Low tide at Useless Bay exposes lots of sand for walking.
With no clouds, the sunsets were just a gradual change of color. Here Mt Rainier is rosy in the glow of the setting sun.
It's very quiet and peaceful at this time of the evening, after the breeze calms down.
The skyscrapers far off in downtown Seattle catch the sun, too, and it turns them into pillars if fire. (click to enlarge)
Sunset over Deer Lagoon.
We've turned the cabin over to other family members, and each family in turn will be taking a week's vacation there through the months of July and August. It is a well used and much loved family treasure.


  1. it looks just lovely and hot weather to boot...summer has arrived. we just returned from bc canada and it was warming some there also. at home now it's 102- hot!

  2. I love all your shots! They're just gorgeous! I know you must enjoy your cabin and how lovely to share it with family! It has been warm, hasn't it? But I'm enjoying it after the past winter. I do love Whidbey Island and I'm looking forward to our yearly neighborhood camping trip the end of the month. And then two of my kids will be here for my birthday in August, so it's a fun time!
    Enjoy your 4th of July! Thanks as always for your vist and comment, always appreciated!

  3. I love all your photos! How lucky to be able to enjoy that gorgeous area in your own family vacation house.

  4. I came to your blog from Sylvia Over the Hill. We stopped in Seattle last month on our way to Alaska and I took one picture of Mt Rainier which we could see from our hotel window. I’d love to be able to go back and get a closer at the mountain. Your pictures are lovely.

  5. It's that hot in Seattle? I think I got out just in time! These are all great shots, but I especially love the Eagle!

  6. What great shots of life in Whidbey Island.
    It's a great place, I love hiking Ebeys Landing trail. I used to run logs there when Daisy was here and was a kid, and I guess I was almost one myself at, well, lets not talk numbers, lol..The eagle shots are amazing.. thanks for the sharing Linda..


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