Greetings from Seattle

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Le Tour

Some of you may remember last year that I posted about the Tour de France bicycle race. I have been watching it again this year, checking in each morning when I get up. Today was the last of the competitive days for the general classification riders, that is, those who are contending to win the whole thing. Today's stage ended on a mountain top, a really hard ride at the end of three weeks and thousands of miles. And there he was, as of old, Lance Armstrong! Tomorrow they will finish in Paris. There will be competition for the sprinters, but the overall standings are set for the finish. When they stand on the podium in Paris, Lance Armstrong, who is 37 years old, more than ten years older than the boys in first and second place, will stand in third place, after four years of retirement. It is a remarkable achievement.


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